New Diamond Archery Bows for 2016

Diamond Deploy SB


Axle to Axle Length
Brace Height
Draw Weights
50, 60, 70
Draw Length
330 fps

Diamond Deploy SB

Rocking the carbon Knight Riser is Diamond Archery’s new Deploy SB. The synchronized Bowtech Binary Cam System gives it smooth-drawing character with a rock-solid back wall and a 330-fps speed rating. A bowstring cushion squelches shot noise and thwarts bowstring oscillation. The result is a radically smooth shot that will take game by stealth. The tasteful riser design and craftsmanship offers futuristic appeal with equally impressive performance. The bow weighs only 3.2 pounds, making it one of the lightest high-performance bows available. A well-balanced riser and excellent weight distribution combine to create unparalleled feel and comfort. Diamond outfits the Deploy SB with R.A.K. accessories (Ready. Aim. Kill.). Yep, it’s range ready!

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