New Darton Bows for 2016

Darton DS-3800


Axle to Axle Length
Brace Height
4.1 lbs
Draw Weights
Draw Length
350 fps

Darton has improved its DS-3800 for 2016. Efficient Energy Transfer Limb Technology minimizes limb fatigue and enhances efficiency. At a smidge more than 33 inches from axle to axle, the DS-3800 is designed for stable aiming. The Axis Riser is CNC-machined aluminum for benchmark durability, and P.P.L. Limb Pockets offer precise alignment with positive containment. Patented DualSync Cams eliminate repetitious tune-ups, and launch arrows at up to 350 fps, suiting the DS-3800 for any big-game application. The Bowstring Noise Suppression System instantly tames vibrations, resulting in a smooth and quiet shooting experience. A Soft Touch finish is comfortable to the touch, and Darton’s Signature Grip – which includes two sets of side plates for a personal fit and feel – is as torque-free as they come.

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