Zeon Fusion Vanes From Norway Industries

For literally thousands of years bowhunters have struggled with the dilemma of seeing their arrows in flight and consequently knowing if they found their mark. In recent years heavy lighted nocks have been the answer for some, but are not legal in all 50 states nor allowed for Pope and Young Club entries. In lieu of this Norway Industries set out to do what they do best; break the rules and develop products that change the game and force the industry to re-think what it knows of possibilities and products. The result is the new edge-glow ZEON Fusion Vane. See the difference ZEON Fusion Vanes can make in your hunting success this year.  Watchin this VIDEO to learn more about the Zeon Fusion Vanes!

  • Eliminate the need for heavy lighted nocks
  • Pope and Young legal
  • Deep suction-fit base for instant adhesion
  • Ultra-bright for unmatched visibility in all lighting conditions
  • High profile with ribbed design for increased arrow steering
  • Fletch and adhere like standard Fusion Vanes

 Zeon Fusion


  1. Any other pics or info on this? Did you see it yourself? I take it they are "fiber optic vanes" from the description right?


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