Tink’s Inflatable Decoy- Mr. October.

For years Tink’s has been known as the premier manufacturer of deer lures and scents.  In 2010, however, they stepped outside the box with their inflatable doe decoy, Miss November.  For 2011, they are stepping even further outside the box and showing they really know how to attract whitetails with the all new inflatable buck decoy, Mr. October.  Mr. October is the result of high definition imaging from a 600 pixel camera to provide the most life like decoy on the market.   Mr. October is also extremely versatile in that it can be positioned in two poses, bedding or standing.  What makes it appealing to many hunters is how quiet and stealthy it is.  He fits easily into a backpack and sets up in minutes without loud plastic parts banging on each other and he weights just over 3 pounds.  

Follow think link for an exclusive video of Mr. October!

Mr. October

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