The Buck Bomb Scrape Tape

A prominent whitetail biologist and Midwest whitetail guide discovered that scrapes, in particular licking branches, are social areas where both bucks and does congregate year round. Scrape Tape makes use of a powerful, propietary synthetic blend of several rut-specific deer hormone excretions. There are precision blended, rendering a mixture that attracts deer into the concentrated area.

The synthetic ultra-fresh blend is infused into Scrape Tape on a molecular level. This super-charged attractant pulls whitetails in through the use of their powerful olfactory sense to the location of Scrape Tape.

Optical brighteners, fluorescing agents and dyes are then added to Scrape Tape producing a powerful blue-white glow. This glow is produced as invisible ultraviolet light which is absorbed and emitted as a poweful blue-white glow. Scrape Tape, with its powerful blue-white glow peaks their curiosity – bringing thewm in close, year round.

Once attracted to a Scrape Tape location, deer will smell it, lick it, and rub their forehead and pre-oribtal glands on it. In many instances they will even rake their antlers in it and scrape under it.

The Buck Bomb Scrape TapeThe Buck Bomb Scrape Tape Features

  • Long lasting, 30 days
  • Proprietary molecularly-infused synthetic scent blend, always fresh
  • Attracts visually
  • Attracts using deer’s powerful sense of smell
  • Conditions deer to return to the same location
  • Attracts deer year round
  • Attracts both bucks and does
  • Peaks whitetails natural curiosity
  • Great for areas where baiting or mineral blocks are not permitted
  • Can be placed prior to season
  • Great for pre-season scouting


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