Moultrie Mini Trail Cameras

New for 2011, Moultrie Feeders is introducing brand new, miniature sized trail cameras with big size features.    Moultrie is introducing the new M-80 Mini and S-100 mini in 6 and 5 megapixel models, respectively.  These little game cameras take beautifully clean daytime images and rich, crisp infrared pictures at night.  Both cameras are extremely small and can fit in the palm of your hand making them easy to transport in the woods or in your pack.  Operates on 8 AA alkaline batteries and also takes video clips of game as well.  

Moultrie Camera


  1. gary bates says:

    i have 3 of the wildgame inovation xc6 cams that take great photos so i hope moultries price isnt gonna be more than there brand or people will just stick to the wildgames models for the cheaper price

  2. what kind of aa u use i just got some x6c cams


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