LimbSaver Windjammer Stabilizer

LimbSaver WindjammerThe new Windjammer features a universal front-rear balancing system designed to rotate 360 degrees in either direction for optimum balance tuning. Perfect for offset quiver balancing, side-top-bottom counter balancing and more. You will find LimbSaver’s Next Generation NAVCOM dampening technology at the core: specific-sized NAVCOM particles have been inserted in the tube and then compressed for optimum performance. The Windjammer is available with or without their innovated balancing system, and available in either competition black or Next G-1 camo.

  • Balanced for Optimal Performance
  • Unsurpassed Versatility
  • Incorporates NAVCOM Technology
  • Tuned NAVCOM Particles
  • 360 degree Offset Tuning
  • Front or Rear Installation

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