Leverage Climbing Sticks

Leverage Climbing SticksLeverage offers a 3-pack climbing sticks that are lightweight, all-aluminum and features an ergonomically superior V-shaped step design for maximum foot engagement and ambidexterity. Steps n both sides of the stick at each level.

V-Shaped DesignThe unique V-shaped angle of the steps better conforms to the hunter making climbing easier and faster.

Dual Steps For AmbidexterityLeverage Climbing Sticks have steps on both sides at every level so you aren’t restricted in how you climb. this makes climbing easier, faster and safer (especially in the dark) and is especially important when exiting your treestand as the positioning of your stand relative to your sticks will usually necessitate starting down with one foot or the other.

StackableLeverage Climbing Sticks neatly stack together for easy and quiet transportation. And, at just 2.5 pounds each, they won’t weight you down!

Independent SuspensionBecause each climbing stick segment is independent and does not “connect” to another, you can attach them precisely where you need them for the best route up the tree.

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