Ever Calm Deer Herd Scent From ConQuest

Ever Calm Deer Herd ScentEverCalm Deer Herd Scent is a collection of scents and smells from deer bedding areas, which puts deer at ease. A calm animal is less likely to detect you and feel safe. EverCalm can be applied to anything in your hunting area to cover your scent and attract deer all season long. For optimum effects, use to make mock scrapes, apply to decoys or create a scent rail by applying to boos. Use all season, anytime/anywhere!

  • World’s first calming scent that can be used all season as an attractant for deer and cover scent for high, swirling wind conditions!
  • Collection of buck, doe and fawn bedding areas from their own farm!
  • Have the smell of deer in a convenient stick without actually having to own your own deer herd!
  • Great to use on decoys, scrapes and mock scrapes!
  • Effective with Whitetail, Blacktail and Mule Deer!
  • Can also be used for Predator Hunting,m Pig Hunting and Dog Training sessions!

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