Cuddeback Attack

Cuddeback AttackCuddeback has been at the forefront of scoutng camera innovation for the past 25 years. As deer-Cam, they were a leading brand of film-based cameras. Now, as Cuddeback, they are a leading maker of digital scouting cameras and are recognized for numerous innovations including Super Simple Setup and Ultra Hair Trigger Speed. What’s next? The all new Attack series of Scouting cameras!

The all new Attack from Cuddeback is the result of over three years of design and development and the brain-child of the best and brightest engineers in the U.S. No corners were cut and no idea left unconsidered. The final product is an engineering marvel that you will appreciate every time you use it!

  • Ultra Hair Trigger
  • Full season battery life
  • Centered subject technology
  • Guard duty time lapse
  • SmartColor image technology
  • Video “Plus”
  • Genius Mount System


  1. dillan york says:

    lets hope there is a battery status bar and better delay time than 40 seconds on new model

  2. Daniel Manson says:

    Like the compact design. Hope that it at least as good as the capture model. Talked to my sportings goods store manager and he said that there were several upgrades made to the Attack model. Looking forward to owning a couple of these models. Will leave an update when I get actual camera and have had the chance to use and evaluate its performace.

  3. Ackboater says:

    It looks like there is no way to lock it to a tree? Good luck if there isn't. It will be stolen it two seconds.

  4. Tim Clements says:

    This could be the first Cuddeback that will be suitable for use over a food plot because of the time lapse feature. Past models were really only useful for trails, scrapes and bait piles due to the narrow detection range. I'm sure this model will still have a narrow detection range, otherwise they wouldn't be able to promise the "centered subject technology", which I really don't give a hoot about anyway. Maybe Cuddeback is finally beginning to realize there is more to a cam than just fast trigger speed and a centered subject. I just want a picture of the deer and I really don't care if the deer is standing perfectly in front of the camera or not.

  5. Brad FeKula says:


  6. Shaun Reiff says:

    I have 3 cuddebacks and all have produced great images over the years. It would be nice to see cuddeback put out some better quality straps and pay closer attention to the small stuff like all the gold colored bolts and screws on the front. How much would the company lose by making them black and the strap tree colored without a silver bracket? You think with all the cameras they sell they could make the changes.

  7. Luke Koenig says:

    I own a Cuddeback Capture and the picture quality is outstanding. Talked to a dealer about the new Attack models and a 5.0 mp day and night picture for both models convinced me. Can't wait for it to come out in May. And for the price, you can't beat the quality. Already pre ordered 6 of these cameras!

  8. steven tomlinson says:

    Yohe Mounts makes an awesome security bracket for the new model. I have a half dozen Captures and use the older model security backet and cable. There is only two options for a theif, cut the whole tree down or totally destroy the camera. I highly recommend the bracket by YoHe Mounts. link to

  9. John swetland says:

    First impression of Attack: (white flash)
    1. Not impressed with Attack photo quality, too dark.
    2. Genius Mount should be called "Mickey Mouse" mount.
    3. Better quality mount straps are sold at my local Dollar Store.
    4. Time laps is just a photo taken every 12 seconds, NOT true time laps movie.
    I should have gotten another Cudde Capture.
    Looks like marketing had more to do with this camera design than engineering did.

  10. David Touchstone says:

    bought 2 of them both are junk at night one takes pink and white swirl pictures never saw anything like it. and the other one has a black picture over half the time.

  11. If your cuddeback takes pink and white pictures it is your sd card that is crap. Spend so money on a good sd card.


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