7 Deadly Deer Scents For 2016

By Josh SturgillJanuary 12, 2016

UPDATED ON: December 1st, 2016

In the last decade, scent companies have strived to offer scents that are pure, fresh and authentic. Below are some of the latest and greatest deer scents for 2016. Whether you want to stop a buck in his tracks to take a shot or get a good photo, the scents below will surely do the trick.


For 2016, Tink’s has three different synthetic scents. Tink’s famous #69 Doe-In-Rut is now available in a synthetic. Tink’s #1 Doe P and Tink’s Trophy Buck Lure are also available.   The synthetic scents have been tested extensively and reportedly perform as well as the original formulas. The advantage is they are synthetic so they don’t get old and stale like real urine. They can be used in all states without restrictions.


Top Secret Deer Scents now offers a Deer Bladder adjustable drip system. The bladder can be preloaded with Hot Mama or Bad Boy deer scent. Simply adjust the drip so the scrape stays hot without you having to regularly visit the scrape to keep it fresh.

BUCK STOP PEAKBuckstop peak

When it comes to deer scents, one brand that has stood the test of time is Buck Stop. They now offer Peak. Peak is a doe urine that was collected at the peak of the estrus period and packaged in a glass bottle which helps keep the urine fresh for a long time. With Buck Stop Peak, hunters will think a hot doe is nearby.


One urine that has become extremely popular over the years is Special Golden Estrus from Wildlife Research Center. Special Golden Estrus is a fresh premium urine that works well in a dripper and doesn’t spook big bucks. This is the 25th anniversary of this special scent.

WIldlife SPecial golden estrus

code blue screaminheatCODE BLUE SCREAMIN’ HEAT

Each bottle of Code Blue scent comes from one doe and is quickly preserved so when bucks smell it in the field, they are convinced it is the real thing. Screamin’ Heat is one of the top scents for Code Blue. It is fresh estrus urine and doe secretions. Each bottle is labeled with a number that tells which doe the urine came from.


One unique new product is the Wyndscent Vapor Hunting Scent. An Applicator houses the vapor scent and the applicator disperses the vapor and works much like an e-cigarette. The Applicator runs off a rechargeable battery and is set on a timer to disperse the scent at preset intervals. Research shows that the vapor bonds to air molecules stronger than sprays, aerosol fog or liquid concentrate, thus allowing it to carry farther in the wind. When vapor eventually settles to the ground, it clings to trees, leaves and soil, leaving a powerful ground scent trail as well. Because vapor travels thermal patterns and natural air currents, it masks human odor and creates a phenomenal cover scent. Both urine scents and cover scents are available. Bear attractant scents are also available.

wyndscent 2

BUCK BOMBbear_bomb_hickory_smoked_bacon1

One of the easiest scents to use is the Buck Bomb scents which are available in aerosol cans. Buck Bomb scents utilize real urine and are available in a variety of scents. Scents are available in deer, elk and even moose. Bear Hunters will appreciate the Hickory Smoked Bacon Scent and the Sow in Heat.

Create a little stink this next season in your next of the deer woods and you just might draw the buck that you’re after by your stand.

Josh Sturgill
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