Gear For Lady Bowhunters

On a recent trip to Bass Pro Shop I wondered just how much gear I could find for lady bowhunters. If I had taken one of everything off the shelf my cart would have been pretty full. It wasn’t hard to find bowhuntress bling because lots of it was pink. A gal could get carried away rigging her bow with all things pink. I appreciate it when a company tries to incorporate gear for women in their lineup but I’m on the fence about the whole pinkathon.  One could get carried away and look completely ridiculous. On the other hand, a little color makes a statement. It’s up to the individual to decide how much color versus camo fits their own personal style. Here are some products with a flare of color designed to catch the eye of the bowhuntress.


In fixed blade broadheads I found pink Motecs by G-5; pink Queens by Wasp and the Muzzy MX-4 with red ferrules.


NAP Quick Spin Vane system, endorsed by Archer’s Choice is fast and easy. Fletch your arrows in less than 5 minutes and they should spin 5 times faster. (I think they should have called them Vicki Vanes since they are endorsed by my good buddy and awesome huntress Vicki Cianciarulo, but Quick Spin sounds good too.)


Limbsaver’s new (pink) UltraMax and String Leech are the ultimate in noise and vibration control system.


Tru-Fire makes a release for women, aptly called the “Pink Series.”


Cobra has a pink release called the Lady Serpent – “A Release for Extreme Hunters,” that supports breast cancer research. My personal favorite is the new, red/black, Hot Shot signature series endorsed by my favorite bowhunter, Stan Potts.


SHE Outdoor Apparel decided not to use pink to identify their clothing for women. Their signature orange tags are easily identifiable on clothing and boots designed by women who hunt. Their new C4 Silver System (jacket, pants, vest and gloves) incorporates AFMInc’s “Quick-Warm Technology” which blocks radiant heat loss, providing fast warming response. The technology was developed by NASA.


SHE Outdoor Apparel also expanded their quality lineup with a great bootselection, including the Canaima Mid with 200 gram Thinsulate, waterfporrf and moisture wicking features. The Canaima High contains 600 gram Thinsulate.

If pink is your thing you should be able to find dozens of products made for women currently on the market. Lots of companies have added a variety of different color choices that will enable you to add some bowhuntress bling without getting carried away. Whichever option you choose, finding gear that fits is most important so you can shoot well and enjoy the outdoors.


  1. If only I used the 100 grain montecs and not the 85s!

    And I really REALLY want the trufire hardcore wrist strap release with a pink strap. Would sure be nice to have interchangeable straps too.

  2. oh wait they DO make the 85s in pink! Awesome!

  3. I dont know why some lady huntresses are against the whole "PINK" thing. Its just a color it doesnt mean youre too girly to hunt. Ive seen more women COMPLAIN about the lack of products for women that hunt now we complain because of the color. ITS JUST A COLOR PEOPLE. Stop complaining and start hunting. Not like deer can see pink anyways. They are blue green colorblind.


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