Best New Treestands Of 2013

Oh yes, the smell of fall is on its way and the burning desire to clip that first arrow to your string keeps you awake at night. As archery season quickly approaches gear becomes a critical element in our yearly preparation.  I’m sure by now your bow is tuned, your broadheads are deadly sharp, your camo is in order, and your hunting plans are etched in stone. However, do you have a treestand that is ready to work as hard as you to ensure success?


When researching treestands what comes to mind first? Comfort, price, lightweight design? The list of climbing and hang on treestands for 2013 is one of the hottest to date and covers every element that can make your hunting season everything you have envisioned. The only problem you may encounter is choosing just one! Let’s get started.

Lone Wolf Treestands Wide Flip-Top Climber

The new Lone Wolf Wide Flip-Top is one amazing and lightweight climber which tips the scales at only 21lbs! It offers a wider stance climbing aid that ensures easier climbing. The best of both worlds is combined in this new climber by utilizing characteristics from the Alpha hang-on and the Alpha Sit and Climb. One element that archery hunters look for in a treestand is room to move around. The new Wide Flip-Top climber offers a huge 30”x19.5” one-piece, cast aluminum platform; giving you plenty of space to get into position for the shot. This platform matched with the new 14”x12” flip up seat makes for a very comfortable hunt. Cost: $479.99


Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On 2

The Alpha Hang-On 2 is an extremely good stand for the Archer. This stand is roomy, ultra quiet and lightweight at only 14lbs! Hanging this stand is a breeze with the new “easy hang” hook accessory that allows the hunter to preset multiple stand locations for quick, easy hanging. The platform is spacious measuring 30”x19.5” inches and also comes with a built in bow holder. The Alpha Hang On 2 fits trees 4” to 22” inches in diameter and has a 21” inch platform to seat height with a comfortable seat that measures 14”x12”. Cost: $259.99


Advanced Treestand Technologies Smackdown Series

The all-new Smackdown series of treestands by Advanced Treestand Technologies are real eye catchers! Founder Ryan Wheelington has revolutionized the hang on treestand making waves and collecting honors from Outdoor Life’s best new bowhunting gear for 2013. This new hang on stand features a gorgeous custom inverse leaf design and rapid stow and go for the mobile hunter. The stand also features an integrated ratcheting and lock system ensuring safety and stability. One unique feature is the adjustable seat, and quick connect cable design for easy hanging. The new Smackdown Series is lightweight at only 18.5 pounds. The Smackdown fits trees up to 22” and has a 300lb-load capacity. Cost: Camo Version, $325.00, Non-camo version $275.00.


API Marksman Climbing Treestand

API Outdoors has done it again; they have added an even better climbing stand to their already elite lineup for 2013. The API Marksman is packed with features headlined by its new lightweight design weighing in at just 16lbs. The stand also features a new double handle swedge system for easy adjustment on the tree. API continues to utilize their Alumi-Tech Aluminum frame for lightweight and durable design. The new web seat is perfect for climbing up and down the tree as it slides in toward the tree for added room and not to mention is extremely comfortable for long sits. The foot platform is 20”x27” and has 21” wide seat. The new Marksman is rated for a 300lb capacity. Cost: $199.99.


Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang On

Millennium Treestands are known for being engineered extremely well to provide comfort and safety. Millennium’s New M150 Monster hang on will not disappoint under any condition or situation. The new Monster is similar to the M100 with the V-Brace technology to minimize weight without sacrificing strength and stability. The interesting feature of the new Monster is the adjustable seat. The seat can be adjusted from 17” to 20” with up to 15 degrees of lean for tree-angle adjustment. The Monster is rated for a 300lb-load capacity and weighs in at 19.5lbs. The platform is huge measuring 37”x24”. Cost: $249.95


Ameristep Brotherhood Climber

If you’re looking for an all in one climbing treestand the Ameristep Brotherhood Climber is the stand for you. Archery hunters can benefit greatly from the lightweight design of the all aluminum construction. The Brotherhood is made for those long sits boasting a 31”x20” platform for added space and comfort as well as a fully padded seat and backrest design. If you like the stability and safety assurance of a shooting rail the Brotherhood offers that as well with a multi-position-shooting bar. The Brotherhood is made to carry a load capacity of 300lbs and fits trees 9” to 20” in diameter, which makes it very versatile. Cost: $299.99


Big Game Treestands Prodigy Hang On

If you use hang on treestands then you will love the new Prodigy from Big Game. The Prodigy offers the new Platinum technology that provides a quiet set-up as well as a powder coated no-slip grip for better handling and safety during adverse conditions. The seat is made from the new Flex-Tech for added comfort, and provides the hunter with a seat that is not bulky and cumbersome. The foot platform is a spacey 24”x30” inches with a seat platform of 21” inches high and 13” inches deep. The interesting new feature is the Spring-Back lumbar support backrest which aides in your posture while waiting for that monster buck. Cost: $150.00


Ol’ Man Outdoors Drone Climbing Treestand

Not only does the Drone have a catchy name it boasts some serious features as well! There has always been an issue with leveling your climbers while in the tree. Safety was the main concern, and functionality was the other. This has been solved with the new Drone. The Drone is unlike any climbing stand on the market allowing the hunter to extend or retract up to five inches of cable with the turn of your wrist. It is the safest and most efficient way to adjust your climber while climbing. Ol’ Man has been an industry leader for years but the new Drone is truly revolutionary! The new Drone also packs up to less than 4 inches of thickness and only weighs 22lbs. The Drone is rated for a 300lb-load capacity. Cost: $399.99


X-Stand Climbing Treestands

Are you interested in the lightest climber in the world? I know I am! For years now, archery addicts such as us have complained about climbers being too heavy. Well, not any more. The New X-Stand is an amazing piece of engineering and comes in two climbing models; one weighing just over 11lbs, which is the X-1 and the Sit and Climb model, tipping the scales at just over 12lbs. The most unique aspect of the X-Stand is the flexible arms, which flex inward when against the tree, and they flex outward when pressure is taken off to climb. The Aluminum is made from 60/61 T6 Aircraft Aluminum to ensure safety and reliability when hunting. This stand has a 300lb rating and comes standard with a 31”x21” inch platform. The seat is composed from four different pieces of foam making it extremely comfortable. Cost: X-1 $299.00 X-1 Sit and Climb $349.00


Muddy Treestands Vantage

This is an extremely well-engineered hang on treestand! Muddy has designed the new Vantage to be easier to hang than any other hang on stand on the market. Muddy has done so by incorporating a Super Mount System. This system allows the hunter to hang the mount first by a ratchet strap then attach the stand into the keyhole-type plate. It is quiet, quick, and safe. The Super Mount Plate can be purchased separately; allowing bowhunters to hang several in various locations throughout their hunting area. You simply slide the stand off in one spot and relocate it to another. The Vantage is made of lightweight aluminum with a triple layer waterproof seat. The platform remains roomy at 29”x21” inches. Muddy has also stuck with the lightweight movement by creating the Vantage at only 13lbs. Cost: $199.99


Treewalker Treestands ProMag SL

Treewalker treestands have been around the industry for a few years and have developed a smooth climbing treestand. However the new Super Light ProMag is a great addition to any bowhunters stand collection. The ProMag SL weighs in at 17lbs; making it a great stand to carry to your favorite hunting grounds. The ProMag is a hand climber with an open shooting style for those of you who like to be unrestricted when shooting from a sitting position. The platform is a comfortable 20”x35” inches and the weight limit is up to 350lbs. The ProMag SL also fits accessories from Treewalker that make your hunting trip even more comfortable. Cost: $299.95



I have to say this year’s crop of climbing and hang on stands are some of the best yet and I sincerely hope you find exactly what you are looking for in this year’s lineup. The treestand industry has truly listened to bowhunters feedback and specific needs. This list provides the detailed descriptions of innovative new stands the industry has introduced. We know that you will find the stand that meets your requirements. Our time to be high in a tree is getting closer by the day…..are you ready?

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