The 5th annual GTG

The 5th annual Get Together (GTG) was held this weekend in Garden Prairie, IL at the Coon Creek Hunt Club and as usual it was a blast! The best part, for me, was getting to catch up with all of the pro-staff members of and meet all of the fans of the website and our web show Bowhunt Or Die that attended the festivities. As the senior editor at a great deal of my interaction is done from the computer screen. However, this event gives me the chance for a little face-to-face interaction. Very Cool!


GTG1.5If you’ve never attended the GTG you’re missing out!

The day started out with a 3D shoot. As staff members and local shooters made their way through the course greetings were made and lots of good natured ribbing was handed out as everyone tried their best to post the highest score. In the end, staff member Dustin DeCroo came out on top (not sure how that happened). In all seriousness though, it was a great time had by all.

GTG2Todd Graf and Justin Zarr hand over a brand new Mathews Creed to a first time attendee.

After the shooting was completed, it was time for the prize give-away. Various items were handed out to lucky shooters. A big shout out to our sponsors who provided gifts for our loyal followers!! These included Tink’s, Hunter Safety System, Stealth Cam, NAP, Heartland Wildlife Institute, Moose Utility, Mathews, Lost Camo, Carbon Express, LaCrosse Boots, Pine Ridge Archery and Lone Wolf Stands. Without the help of these guys the GTG wouldn’t be possible. The entire crew at (myself included) not only uses these products but we believe in them.

GTG3 video editor and overall “wizard” Brandyn Streeter (TOP PIC) hard at work on capturing all of the fun as shooters look on. Be sure to check out his finished product of the GTG at

After all of the prizes were handed out it was time for a little fun with our bows. The events started out with a long distance shoot-off. I managed to come in at second place behind Pro-Staff member Josh Fletcher. Congrats Josh! Next were the sporting clay shoot-off and then the dreaded Iron Buck. The final round of the Iron Buck was a “one-legged” shot from 35 yards. Only by the grace of God did I manage to put the arrow where it needed to be to win the Iron Buck Challenge. Thanks to all that participated.



GTG6The Sporting Clay, Long-range shoot off and the Iron Buck challenge were all pretty “nerve-racking” but a total blast.

Still, as fun as all of that was, the best part was gathering with fellow bowhunters who are as passionate about the sport as I am. I can’t wait until next year!


  1. Aaron ponce says:

    Yes It Was A Great Time And We Shall Have That Shoot Off

    again Next year Lol I Like The Writing Good job

  2. Steve Flores says:

    Thanks Aaron! Great to meet you and I appreciate the feedback. Keep tuning in for more exciting stuff from the entire and Bowhunt Or Die crew…..

  3. Dalton Groeper says:

    It was a great time! Got to meet a bunch of new people and everybody was extremely friendly! We will definetly be back next year.


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