The Dagon Cate Deer

Date: October 18, 2012, Time: 5:00 p.m., Weather: Sunny with temperatures in the low 60’s,  Location: Just outside of Knoxville, TN, Your Age: 12

Q:  Tell me a little about what happened when you shot your very first deer.

A: It all started in early September when my Dad got permission to hunt a little farm outside Knoxville, TN. Before the season started my Dad, Papaw and I took off on a Saturday morning to go check out the property. It was awesome. It seemed everywhere we looked we found sign. I was ready to put the blind up on the first good spot we found. Papaw quickly told me, we needed to keep looking. I followed them, watching as they scanned the woods, their faces looked emotionless as they looked at every tree, track and trail. Suddenly, I noticed a smile on both of their faces and I knew we had found the spot. It was a group of large oak trees that were dropping acorns everywhere. Dad said this area was called a funnel because of the way it flattened out above a steep ravine. He also said that it would force the deer to walk close enough for me to get a shot with my bow. We found a good spot to set-up our blind and got it brushed in and ready to go.

Waiting to go hunt that spot for a whole month was torture for a 12 year old kid. I told my Dad and Papaw it was cruel and unusual punishment. Just when I thought I would never get to hunt that spot. Dad came into my room that evening to let me know he would pick me up from school the next couple of days so we could go hunting. I could not wait.

We got in the blind that first evening and nothing happened the way I had dreamed. We sat there and sat there and never saw a thing. I was very discouraged but, I knew we would get to go again the next evening and maybe my luck would change. As we pulled up the second evening I knew we were in for a good hunt. There were three deer standing there looking at us as we got out of the truck. They watched us for a while and then they slowly eased off into the woods. This gave us our opportunity to head through the woods and get into our blind.


Can anything compare to your first deer with a bow? Think back to your first time. What was it like for you?

As we sat in the blind with not much going on I pulled my phone out so I could play a couple of games. While I was playing my game I heard a noise, I looked up and there was nothing. I slowly went back to playing my game and heard the same noise again. I looked up and this time to my surprise there stood two deer. I slowly grabbed my bow and attached my release. I was so nervous. I remember Dad telling me to take a deep breath and calm down. He said to shoot just like we had hundreds of times in the backyard.

As I pulled my bow back to full draw, I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears like a drum at the high school football game. My hands were shaking so bad, I could barely keep my sight on the deer. I took another deep breath and settled my pin right behind the shoulder of the deer. I touched the trigger on my release and watched the arrow fly directly at my first deer. I had never experienced anything like this. Everything was in slow motion. It was if I watched every inch of that arrow slide into the chest of that doe. Once the arrow disappeared the doe flipped around and ran about fifteen yards before falling for the last time. I could not wait. I jumped out of the blind and ran to it as fast as I could. I finally had my first deer with a bow. I have never been so proud!

Q:  What were the major factors that helped you harvest this deer?

A: The major factors that helped me kill this buck were having a Dad and a Papaw that would teach me about hunting and shooting my bow. They also spent time helping me scout the perfect spot and teaching me why this spot would be a good one.

Q:  Anyone you would like to thank, for their help with this harvest?

A: I would like to thank my Dad (Mike Cate) and Papaw (Jim Cate) for all of their help with taking this deer. I would also like to thank my Mom (Laura Cate) and Mamaw (Ann Cate) for all of the things they do so we can go hunting. (more buck profiles)

Bow = Mathews JewelBroadhead = Steel Force Arrows = Gold TipCamouflage = Mossy OakBlind = Primos Double Bull BlindBoots = Rocky Snake Proof Boots


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    Nothing Like a kid getting his first Deer with a bow.


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