Book Review: The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting

The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting BookWhen it comes to hunting big bucks the keys to success are often found in the minor details that many hunters overlook.  Through a 50+ year committment to deer hunting, author Rick DeStafanis has put together what he considers the six key principles to hunting trophy whitetails in his book “The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting”.

While I like to consider myself fairly adept and hunting whitetails, any good hunter knows they can never learn too much about pursuing America’s #1 big game animal.  What immediately caught my attention upon cracking open the 135 page book is that this isn’t your typical “trophy” buck book.  As the author clearly states, like most hunters he spends much of his time on heavily pressured public lands or big timber leases that aren’t known for their world class bucks.  This book details his experience and resulting philosophies on how to kill “real world” big bucks.

Throughout the book you’ll learn various tips and tactics for things such as using portable stands, hunting funnels, and using trail cameras for scouting.  While I found much of the information in line with my own thinking, and certainly valuable deer hunting techniques, I couldn’t help but feel that most of this information are things that a semi-experienced buck hunter would (or should) already know. 

If you’re looking for a easy, quick deer hunting read during this off season you could certainly do worse than The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting.  It’s packed full of tips and information that, while not ground breaking, may just help inspire you to work harder and hunt smarter this coming season.

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  1. Chad Withers says:

    If the book is about hunting big bucks, why is there a small buck on the cover?

  2. John Reeves says:

    That is what I thought as well? i guess a big buck is in the eyes of the beholder…..

  3. Rick DeStefanis says:

    The cover buck is small because this IS a big buck when you hunt heavily pressured public land in Mississippi. Sorry my photo doesn't meet your expectations, but perhaps you'll find something useful in the book for the ones you hunt that are bigger. Regardless, your comment is understandable if you get to hunt places with better deer.


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