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Make no mistake, these are uncertain times that we live in. Each day it seems that the things we value and love are under attack. This includes our second Amendment right….”A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

In light of the recent decision by Reed exhibitions, the promoter of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show (ESOS) near Harrisburg, PA, to ban the display or sale of any magazines that holds more then ten rounds and all semi automatic weapons at the show, has decided to stand up for the 2nd Amendment and remove ourselves from the show. 

Recently, we recieved an an e-mail from a concerned individual regarding the events that are unfolding surrounding the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show (ESOS) near Harrisburg, PA. In an effort to keep our loyal readers informed, we have chosen to share this information with you. While we strive to provide the best online bowhunting and archery information, we felt this was a matter for all hunters (Americans)….regardless of weapon.

We want to hear what you think. Will you be attending? Do you think we should attend?  


Below is the letter we recieved…….

I am writing to you guys because I found out that you will be attending the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show (ESOS) near Harrisburg, PA.  The ESOS has outfitters and guides from all over the country.  In addition the ESOS has booths from just about every mom and pop archery and gun shop in Pennsylvania. I didn’t know if you were aware but the State of Pennsylvania does not allow semi automatic rifles and pistols to be used for hunting.  The ESOS has banned the display or sale of any magazines that hold more then ten rounds and all semi automatic weapons.  Reed exhibitions (the shows promoter) said this is because of the state law in PA banning semi auto rifles and pistols for hunting as well as the recent national tragedy in Newtown, CT. People are very upset with Reed exhibitions.  Pennsylvania has a large hunting heritage as well a strong belief in target shooting and self defense.  I live in Denver, PA (Lancaster County) and every mom and pop shop that sells either Archery, Firearms, Fishing Gear and hunting supplies has pulled out from the show.  Cabelas has also pulled out of the show.  The ESOS has them still listed as coming on their website though to fool people.  Somebody created a facebook page about this ( I want you and your team to know that a lot of people are boycotting the show this year due to the anti second amendment stance that Reed exhibitions is taking.  I would hate to see you drive down here and not get much business.  I know it costs a fortune between renting a booth, driving down here, getting a hotel, etc.  If Reed reversed their stance, I still don’t plan to attend this year and I bet you most people still would not attend. Last year was the first time we were at the show.  This show claims its all hunting and fishing.  I can’t believe that the show released a statement this year saying they need to focus more on hunting and fishing and then ban a whole class of weapons that are technically legal to hunt with in most states.  I bet you the Bath Fitters, Good Health Saunas and Yogi Bo (Bean Bag Chairs) has a lot to do with hunting and fishing though.  I wont be at the show this year but please ask Reed what companies like this have to do with hunting and fishing. Sorry I hope this doesn’t come as a shocker.  The economy is in shambles and everyone’s budgets have been tightened.  I don’t want to see good people loose on business due to the amount of people boycotting the show.


Link Courtesy of archerywire…..


TenPoint Withdraws from ESOS Event and Purchases Lifetime NRA Memberships for Employees      

Mogadore, OH –TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ Chairman and CEO, Rick Bednar, expressing his company’s steadfast disagreement with the decision of the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show management to prohibit the display and sale of Modern Sporting Rifles at its 2013 Harrisburg, PA event, has decided to remove TenPoint’s display from the upcoming February 2-10 show. “We are taking this action to stand in solidarity with many other shooting and outdoor sporting goods manufacturers in support of the guarantees expressed in the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution,” Bednar said.  “We regret having to make this decision because we have supported this great consumer event nearly every year since our inception in 1994.  It is unfortunate, but I believe we must take this position as a matter of principle.” To underscore his decision, Bednar has also decided to purchase lifetime NRA memberships for all TenPoint employees who wish to have one.  “The NRA, more than any other entity, has led the effort to protect of our right to own and bear arms,” Bednar said.  “The best way to support their effort is to grow the ranks of their membership.” “The NRA mission, however, encompasses greater goals than simply protecting our right to bear arms,” Bednar continued. “Before we opened our doors for business, we crafted a Corporate Statement that guides our decision making process, and we think it is compatible with the NRA’s larger view.  In part, this Statement has motivated us to support their efforts. Its last sentence states that, ‘…  we are committed to the care and conservation of our land, water and air; to the humane and responsible management of our wildlife and to the preservation and expansion of recreational shooting and hunting.’ We believe the NRA shares a similar view.” 


  1. jim johnson says:

    After 25 years of attending with family and friends, we will not be attending this year. We will also be watching to see which venders and celebrities support our 2nd amendment rights. I will be monitoring the list of venders boycotting the show and will be sure to support only those venders for my hunting equipment/supply needs.

  2. You are making the right decision. This makes me even more proud to condsider myself a part of the community.

  3. You have to be a complete idiot if you think an assault weapon is only used to kill. Thank you Bh for not attending. Someone needs to post the vendors who do show.

  4. Maryland Hunter says:

    I am glad that you have decided to join the others that are standing up for our rights and boycotting the Harrisburg Eastern Outdoor Show. While it is (was) a great show, we need to stick together now more than ever for our rights.
    Great job guys!

  5. Stephen Robinson says:

    Thank you! It's far too often that the other side of the argument is visible. It's time that we take a stand. We need to be visible and we need to show the media and the government that we are a force that you don't want to mess with. A sleeping giant, the American People. Now is the time!

  6. Pat Bulisco says:

    This year I was going to be attending for the first time. I was very excited, but I am now saddened by the decision of Reed Exhibitions and I will not be attending. I feel that our 2nd Amendment rights are very important and I applaud for this decision. Thank you.

  7. tom dean says:

    First line…" a well regulated militia….." we do not have a militia…we have armed forces. This was written in a different time, for different reason. Theres no reason to have an assault weapon except to kill….people. I think you should attend…the bowbunter fans you have would appreciate it.

  8. James Twitchell says:

    Never attended the event – do find the decision to ban the sale and or display of such firearms to be very interesting. Appreciate the decision by and other vendors not to attend the event because of this. If legislators and policy makers are looking for a case study as to, "What would happen if we banned certain guns in this country" this should be a good example for them. Thanks

  9. Scott Wilson says:

    I am an avid hunter and truly believe in the 2nd Amendment right; I applaud your support in preserving that right. I wish more companies would step up as you guys have.

  10. You have to be a complete idiot if you think an assault weapon is only used to kill. Thank you Bh for not attending. Someone needs to post the vendors who do show.

  11. TrophyHuntingObsessi says:

    We commend your decision and the decision of others to drop out of the show. It is time to take a stand more than ever!!

  12. I will be paying close attention to who attends and who does not. And I will support those businesses that support our second amendment. I don't have or care to have an AR but I support them. What's next my compound bows or my carbon arrows.

  13. I think you should attend. Keep yourself separate from radical political groups such as the NRA who fabricate convenient stereotypes about hunters to serve its pro-gun campaign. Stand above the crowd and support hunting. Not Guns.

  14. BirchwoodBowhunter says:

    Thank you guys for taking a stand!!!

  15. this year i was gonna g to this show for the first time ever, i was really excited to check out the booth, wish you would still go

  16. Robert Waugh says:

    Tom Dean," we'll regulated militia" at the time meant well functioning and trained citizens…who is the militia? It is the citizens. Article 1 section 8 in the constitution allows the government with providing an army and navy. Learn your history sir. The AR platform is the most popular rifle in America, used for many purposes including hunting and protection.

  17. I would agree tha t attending is in conflict with our roots as gun owners, hunters and that potential for militia.

    Prohibition has been shown to be ineffective at curbing the issue at hand (alcohol and the war on drugs). The creation of new laws does not strengthen laws that do not work or make sense. Keep fighting the good fight.

  18. lnc70997 says:

    We support your decision and applaud your steadfastness. My wife and I used to attend the show every year when we lived up there. I would not be attending this year if I still were up there.

  19. I commend you for not going to the show. You have my support!! Thank you for drawing the line in the sand and saying "That's enough". Tough thing to do, but very much needed! If at all possible to get a list of vendors who do end up going I would really appreciate it!
    For those of you who think it is the "gun" that is at fault, for what happened in Con. and that by getting rid of guns is the solution, consider what is being taught in our schools and universities. When children are taught that they are a cosmic accident with no purpose for being here on earth, and that there are no absolutes in life and truth is relative and one chooses for himself what is truth…if that is what you believe, then who are you to say what that boy did was wrong. When society adopts this philosophy to live by, they loose their inward moral restraints by choosing what is right and wrong for themselves, and in so doing to keep anarchy from taking over more and more outward restraints need to be enfor

  20. Mike Bias says:

    Man, its too bad that ESOS has to suffer at the hands of liberal politics. Its not the fault of ESOS. What happened to the PA voters?

  21. Jim Olsson says:

    We are literally living through a fight over Americans rights that will go down in history. Never has there been a more important time in modern history than the days we are living right now. Bravo to and all others who have the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

  22. Thank you BH for not giving into into the pressure from the uninformed.
    "I think you should attend. Keep yourself separate from radical political groups such as the NRA who fabricate convenient stereotypes about hunters to serve its pro-gun campaign. Stand above the crowd and support hunting. Not Guns.
    Posted by Derek on 1/21/2013 9:28:03 AM"
    It is not about hunting, it is much bigger. It is about our 2nd right to protect ourselves against the government. They have the very weapons they want us to get rid of.

  23. Joe Mauer says:

    "The significance attributed to the term Militia appears from the debates in the Convention, the history and legislation of Colonies and States, and the writings of approved commentators. These show plainly enough that the Militia comprised all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense. 'A body of citizens enrolled for military discipline.' And further, that ordinarily when called for service these men were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time." – Supreme Court Instruction in Remanding U.S. vs. Miller back to the lower courts

    Let's look at that again: "…these men were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time"

    This literally means that any weapon commonly used by the infantry are what the founding fathers were talking about.

    And I might add that the words "well regulated" meant "well trained" in the vernacular of the time. The term "well re

  24. Mike Bias says:

    I re-read the email. It is the ESOS that is making the decision to ban the display because of PA laws to limit mag capacity and semis. Tough call on your guys part. But, by not attending, you're not informing the public – attendees that otherwise don't know. If you do attend, you're supporting liberal politics. Foolish decision on ESOS'spart.

  25. Thank you for supporting the 2nd Amendment !!!

  26. Shinji Nakamoto says:

    Thank you, guys, for standing up for the 2nd Amendment.
    Your example reinforces the pride I have in being an American.

  27. Thank you guys. I am so happy when I see companies that put our rights before a dollar. As far as I am concerned, every company that does this has earned my loyalty and will not be forgotten.

  28. OUTSTANDING!!!! I commend you wholeheartedly on your decision to NOT attend the ESOS! It is especially meaningful since you are a archery website. It is actions like yours that make me proud to be a member of this group. Thank you for standing up to to those who want to diminish our freedoms!

  29. Michaeljcluff says:

    I support your decision not to attend. By definition the common citizen has already lost the right to own an assault weapon in this country. I am willing to deal with being restricted to semi-auto as apposed to full-auto. I am unwilling however to continue to have the people that we elect strip away our rights. I took an oath 13 years ago to support and defend the constitution. And since then never once complained about the decisions made by our elected government. Now is the time for everyone to speak out and be heard. I will not stand for this no will I support any attempt to further limit my rights

  30. Mike Bias says:

    Hey guys, I just heard today that because of the policies in place by the ESOS, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and other big name groups are also boycotting the show. Way to start an important grassroots movement!

  31. People say the 2nd amendment applies to the right to keep and bear arms for a militia and they are right. However what they fail to realize is that a militia is comprised of farmers, teachers, lawyers, blacksmiths, and every other American citizen. WE ARE THE MILITIA. The only difference is we live in a time when we havent needed it YET. Who knows. We may have a need for one days/weeks/months/years from now.

  32. I will not be attending this show. I was wondering when would say something or make a stand. I fully support your decession and will only support folks like you that stand for hunters and the gun "family".

  33. Proud Republican says:

    Was planning on going with my sons and husband this year. After reading this information we will not be attending and we thank you and support you and the other companies for boycotting.

  34. Thanks to the team for sticking with your convictions. These are important times. In a capitalist society, we do indeed vote with our wallets. I will be ordering my future hunting supplies from

  35. Mike Bias says:

    Guys, I just saw that Ralph and Vickie of the Archer's Choice show on the Outdoor Channel also cancelled their appearance at the ESOS show. You're leading the charge!

  36. Mike Bias says:

    Holy cow guys, check out, they list over 140 exhibitors that are boycotting the ESOS as well! You lead the charge!


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