NAP Carbon Apache Rest Review

It’s hard to believe it’s been over two years since I wrote my original review of the first NAP Apache arrow rest.  Where does the time go?  Although a lot may have changed in the past two years in archery, one thing that hasn’t is the quality of products being produced by NAP.  The new NAP Carbon Apache arrow rest is certainly no exception to that.

Much like the original Apache rest and the Apache Micro before it, the Carbon Apache is a full containment drop away arrow rest.  This simply means that the carbon “cage” around the arrow provides nearly 360 degree containment for your arrow.  Should you turn your bow sideways, get caught up in some brush or bump it against a tree while stalking your arrow won’t fall off the shelf of your bow.  Additionally, the drop away launcher provides complete fletching clearance for optimal arrow flight.  For all practical purposes, it’s the best of both worlds.

NAP Carbon Apache Rest The carbon fiber “cage” protects your arrow from falling off your arrow shelf while still providing total fletching clearance.

The big difference between previous models is, of course, the carbon construction.  Carbon fiber is becoming increasingly popular in not just archery, but in almost all modern sports.  The fact that it is extremely light weight while being stronger then steel certainly makes it attractive for everything from bows and arrow rests to golf clubs and motorcycle parts.  Thanks to the carbon cage in place of the aluminum cage, the Carbon Apache weighs in at just 4 ounces.  This makes the Carbon Apache a great companion fror light weight bows like the new Mathews Helim.  Of course that technology does come at a price, as the Apache Carbon checks in with an MSRP of $119.99.

Carbon Apache arrow rest One upgrade many archers may be happy to see is the side loading arrow slot, rather than the top slot on earlier models. This allows for easier arrow loading without interference from your bow sight.

I’ve been using the Carbon Apache since early this Spring and have yet to have a single issue with it.  Once I had my bow tuned up and locked in it’s been rock solid.  Come next week I fully intend on letting the air out of few whitetails courtesy of this new setup.  So if you’re in the market for a solid arrow rest that’s light weight, easy to install, and won’t let you down in a pinch I highly recommend the Apache Carbon from New Archery Products.


  1. What sort of a review is this. No information what so ever.
    “Oh so its made of carbon and it just like before” great. Thanks for your wisdom.


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