Bowhunt or Die – Now on iTunes!

With the growing trend of streaming videos over the Internet via services such as Netflix, Hulu and others more and more people are cancelling their traditional cable and satellite services.  For those hunters out there who no longer have access to outdoor programming on TV, rest assured there are some great options out there for you!’s online show, Bowhunt or Die, is now in the middle of it’s 3rd season and can be watched in a variety of different ways – all without the need for any sort of subscription.  Of course you can always watch the show right here on in our Video Gallery, if you have a Roku streaming media player you can watch for free on the channel, and new this week you can download full episodes via iTunes!

Even if you don’t have an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Mac computer, you can still utilize the iTunes software to download Bowhunt or Die and watch it on your computer.  Here’s how!

First, visit the Bowhunt or Die page on the Apple website by clicking here –

Bowhunt or Die Apple websiteClick the “View in iTunes” button to launch the iTunes app.

Once you get the Bowhunt or Die page, click on the blue “View in iTunes” button.  This will launch your iTunes application.

After opening iTunes, click on the “Subscribe Now” button.  By doing this you will be able to automatically download all new episodes of Bowhunt or Die as they air.  Remember, starting in mid-September we’ll have a new episode to watch every week! And if you missed any of last year’s episodes, you can catch up before this year really gets into the swing of things.

Subsribe to Bowhunt or DieClick the “Subscribe Free” button to automatically download the latest episodes of Bowhunt or Die.

Once you’ve subscribed to the Bowhunt or Die video podcast, click up into the Podcast section of your iTunes and select the Bowhunt or Die episode you want to watch.  It’s that easy!

Select an episode to watchSelect the episode you want to watch – there’s plenty of them to pick from!

Watching Bowhunt or DieWatching a little Bowhunt or Die via iTunes on my PC.  Sweet!

For those of you who want to download episodes to watch when you’re away from an Internet connection, simply connect your Apple device to your computer and go into the Sync settings for your device.  In the Podcast tab make sure you check the “Sync Podcast” button.   This will Sync the show to your device so you can take it with you wherever you go!

Sync podcasts to deviceSyncing Bowhunt or Die podcasts to your mobile device is a sinch!

Watching Video on iPhoneLook in the Videos app on your phone to find the latest episodes that you just transferred to your device.

So if you’ve cancelled your cable, got rid of your satellite but still want to watch the best bowhunting video action, make sure you check out Bowhunt or Die!


  1. I went on iTunes and downloaded a bunch of the episodes. Been watching them on my tv through my AppleTV and it's great! Keep it up guys. They're great!

  2. Justin Zarr says:

    Thanks Clayton! We appreciate the support.

  3. I'm currently traveling through Africa, and have very little consistent internet. This itunes option will let me catch of up on all my episodes when I hit a hotspot, and then watch them along my journey.
    Not sure this will help with my whitetail fever as I have to miss the 2012 season, but it will let me live vicariously through you guys. I am so thankful!


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