Stealth Cam Review: Shadow, Unit Ops

Have you ever noticed that when using flash or even infrared LED trail cameras, sometimes the very animal you are trying to capture on film gets spooked?  Whether they jump, come to it sniffing, or run away, you may never get another picture of that animal again.  I know it has happened to me, many times, and these typical “spook-sessions” can generally be linked directly to the animal noticing the camera. Unfortunately, that is not what we as hunters want our trail cameras to do for us.  Although some animals do not seem to be bothered by the light or sudden flash and blindness, the bigger question is are you willing to take that chance knowing there could be a trophy roaming somewhere in your woods?

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Stealth Cam has some exciting new products that will help improve your scouting efforts this summer and into fall.

The latest offering from Stealth Cam may change all of that.  New for 2012 is the No Glo technology.  Black LED’s will replace the old, red, glowing LED’s that you typically see. This technology can be found on two new models; the Sniper Shadow and Unit Ops.  Based off their IR predecessors, the Sniper Shadow features the visually attractive and durable black plastic case and the Unit Ops features a sleek and rugged black plastic case.  Both cameras are weather sealed, have a photo counter display on the front, open and latch from the side, and have a ¼” screw hole on the bottom for numerous stand mounting options if a tree is not present.  Stealth Cam also gives you the convenience of a quick start guide on the inside of each camera case which makes setting up the time, date, or operation modes easy.  This cuts down on the confusion when working with multiple cameras.

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No-Glo Technology means you don’t have to wonder if the deer you are scouting will be “spooked” by the glow or flash of your camera.

The Sniper Shadow, which features 54 “No Glo Night Vision” emitters, and the Unit Ops, which features 38 “No Glo Night Vision” emitters, will both effectively illuminate the night for up to 50ft without being visible to the naked eye.  This keeps the camera from startling the animal during a triggered shot, which will help ensure the animal stays in the area.  By displaying no visible signs of illumination the chances the camera will be seen by the animal or subject you are trying to photograph or video is slim-to-none….that’s exactly what hunters not only want, but need.Also available is the Triad 3-in-1 technology; which comes standard in both the Sniper Shadow and the Unit Ops.  This gives the user the ability to record digital video (with audio) from 5-240 seconds per clip. Not only is seeing the animals you’re watching cool, but hearing them is even cooler.  Sharing those videos with friends and family is also a blast and can be very rewarding.

In addition, not only do these cameras allow you to shoot video, they also enable you to shoot photos as well.  With the ability to shoot pictures at 8.0, 3.0 and 1.3mp high resolution, there is a setting to fit every hunter’s needs.  And, depending on the megapixels you choose, you can get a good deal of images on one SD card.  These cameras will accept up to a 16gb card. 

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With the right equipment, you can mount your scouting camera in just about any position or place you need.

When taking photos, you can choose to use the “Burst Mode” feature.  This allows you to shoot between 1 and 9 images per trigger.  You are also able to customize the time between triggering.  This can be anywhere from 0-59 seconds or 0-59 minutes.  For those who want to have a more predetermined interval, there is a Time Lapse mode, which allows you to program the camera to take images when you want.  This feature can be especially helpful when trying to pattern a particular animal you may be after. 


There is more to an image than just what is in the picture. Savvy bowhunters rely on other information to formulate the best plan of attack.

Being able to know the time, date, temperature and moon phase are crucial pieces of information to any hunter who is trying to pattern an animal.  Thankfully Stealth Cam has made sure that every picture is stamped with all those vital pieces of information for you, so there doesn’t have to be any guessing on your part. With all the features that Stealth Cam has put into these two cameras, there is no doubt that you are sure to capture whatever passes by your camera’s location.For more information check out Stealth Cam online at


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