AXT Carbon Carnivore Product Review

The shelf appeal of the Carbon Carnivore sight by Archer Xtreme is second to none and fortunately the product still looks great out of the package.  It’s nice to say that we’re more concerned with function than looks, but in all honesty, we like our gear to look cool.  The Carbon Carnivore does just that, the carbon fiber sight bracket and sight housing give a very lightweight, clean look to this sight.  The absence of a colored sight ring also adds to the clean “all business” look of the Carbon Carnivore.


The AXT Carbon Carnivore is sleek and all about one thing… 

The best way to describe to the construction of this sight is as previously mentioned, “all business.”  The sight has all the characteristics that serious bowhunters look for and none of the nonsense frills found in many of the archery sights on the market. Micro adjustability is one feature that is simply irreplaceable in any bow sight or arrow rest.  The ability to accurately make tiny adjustments is essential to properly tuning archery equipment.  The AXT Carbon Carnivore provides micro adjustable knobs and laser engraved markings for vertical and horizontal adjustments. Not only are the gang adjustments micro adjustable, but the individual pin adjustments are as well. The knobs produce a very sensible and audible “click” so that you can be extremely precise with your adjustments. The knobs can also be used in “tool-less” mode and then tightened down with an allen wrench when your setup is complete.


With plenty of pin options to choose from, the CC also provides a micro-adjust sighing system. 

This system has worked flawlessly for me thus far.  I’ve never met a bowhunter that didn’t look for durability in a sight and the Carbon Carnivore certainly won’t disappoint in that category. Everything in the sight except for the sight housing and sight bracket are machined from 6061 T6 solid billet. The stainless-steel tube pins provide superior strength and protection, fully encompassing the fiber-optics of the pins.



  1. My experience with the AXT Carbon Carnivore is less than I expected for a top line, top priced sight. It is beautiful out of the package and beautiful on my bow but noisy when bumped. I could not figure it out and shrugged my shoulders then went hunting. Sure enough. At the crucial moment I bumped the bow and set this sight to vibrating. AXT acknowledged the problem but did nothing for me when I called. The second problem I had was with the fibers. One broke. As I dismantled the sight to replace the pins I found that the fibers were all brittle and breaking. Again, AXT is aware of the problem and supposedly fixed it by changing fiber suppliers. $25 for a set of pins doesn’t break the bank but after spending the bucks for a premium sight. I expect more. I expected that AXT would at least warranty the pin set. Alas not so. eBay, here I come. Anyone want to bid on my AXT Carbon Carnivore 5 pin Sight? Almost new without tags. No reserve. No returns.


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