Dead Deer Walking?

One of our pro-staffers got this disturbing image on a trail cam. We have our own theories about what is going on with this deer. What are your thoughts? Have you ever seen anything like this? Will it survive? Let us know what you think.


Is this a dead deer walking?


  1. Todd Graf says:

    We're not sure but it looks pretty bad….

  2. skyler woods says:

    I think the deer may have mang. mang is a skin mite that cause the deer sieriouse skin irrition untell the point that the deer ether itchies its fur out or the fur falls out.

  3. My dog nearly died of Mange a couple of years ago. This is exactly what it looked like. Luckily, once the vet was able to diagnose it, its easily cured. Unfortunately, we can't help the deer in the same way. From what I was told, its fatal when not treated.


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