Pine Ridge archey Nitro bow Accessories Review

By Josh FletcherMay 27, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

You trick out your new truck, your clothing style, even your home or apartment to suit your life style and to show who you are.With the newest accessories from Pine Ridge Archery Company, you now can trick out your bow to match your life style and make your archery equipment stand out from the rest.Pine Ridge introduced a series of colored and quality archery accessories to highlight your bow with the color of your choice.

Pine Ridge’s Nitro line of accessories gives you the oppertunity to trick your bow to match your style this fall

This winter I received my new Mathews Helim bow. I knew that I wanted to trick out my new bow with yellow accents. To start with I ordered the Archers Combo Pack in yellow. The Archers Combo Pack consists of the silicone peep sight tubing, five inch Nitro string loop, and the ¼ inch Nitro peep sight.

First I attached the nocking point by using the Nitro string loop. The string loop is a 2.17mm braided cord that uses low stretch material. I noticed that the ends of the loop provided a good and even burn to make the loop hold onto the string. I got little to no charring of the cord. This is important because if your cord chars (like a burnt marshmallow at the ends) this will cause the ends to be weak and brittle, making your knot less effective. Also a string loop is a must have for those of you who shoot with a release aid. A string loop helps reduce and in most cases prevent serving ware and string pinch.

The Nitro String Loop is made of durable material that gives you a secure and strong loop

The silicone peep sight tubing self-aligns your peep sight so that you never get caught with a twisted peep during the moment of truth. The first thing that I noticed about the tubing is that it was thicker in diameter than the normal peep sight tubing; also it is much heavier duty and well-constructed. This is an important factor if you use your equipment like we do; it needs to with stand the abuse of a hard hunting season.

The tubing that Pine Ridge uses is made of silicone so that it is much more durable and prevents dry rot and cracking that is too common with standard peep sight tubing. I have shot well over a thousand or more arrows through my bow this year and have seen zero wear on this tubing, not even the slightest fading or cracking.

Attached to the sight tubing is the Nitro ¼ inch peep sight. With a ¼ inch I have shot numerous times under low light conditions and have not had any problem with being able to see my sights. The ¼ inch peep sight also aligns perfectly with the sight ring of my sights providing me a third reference for a consistent shooting form and anchor point.

Next I attached the slotted kisser button. Pine Ridge uses a soft but durable plastic for their kisser buttons that attach to your string using metal clamps; however I opted to tie my kisser button on with string serving.

Pine Ridge uses a rubber tubing for the Nitro Wrist Sling giving you a scent free sling unlike a fabric sling

After attaching the string loop and peep sight, I then attached the Nitro wrist sling. The sling is made from light weight CNC aluminum and is fully adjustable to fit all shooters and styles. The sling is also made of thick heavy duty rubber tubing. The thing I like about using the tubing versus a cloth or nylon strap is that there are no scent issues, especially if you are shooting daily during the hot summer months causing your scent free approach to the fall tree stand to be fruitless if your wrist strap to smell like sweaty gym socks.

The last item that I attached is the Nitro stabilizer. This stabilizer allows you to customize its weight to your style of shooting, if you’re like me and prefer a light bow, you can make the stabilizer lighter, or if you prefer a heavier bow you can make it heavier. The Nitro stabilizer prevents unwanted shock and rattling by securing to your bow using a single shaft design.

With all of the Nitro line of accessories from Pine Ridge you can customize them to the color scheme you like. They offer eight different colors to choose from. Also these colors match the same colors used by the Mathews Company on their accessories to really trick out your bow.

The design of the Nitro Stabilizer makes it easy to replace your Shock Fins with whatever color combination best suits your bow, and your personality.

I have a real hard time when doing product reviews of giving a company a perfect 10 on a score because there is no perfect product out there, however after using the Nitro line of accessories for my bow, they come pretty darn close. I have put these products through the test of a rigorous shooting regimen and have yet to see them fail or to have a flaw.

Yes, these products are simple and do not involve fancy parts or pieces, but sometimes less is more. These products do exactly what they say they do, they have excellent durability, dependability, and will give you the confidence that your equipment will not fail under the moment of truth.

The total score that the Pine Ridge Nitro accessories receives is a solid 9.5 for their good looks, dependability, ease of use, and durability.


Josh Fletcher
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