Velvet Whitetails & Native Grasses – Late Summer Bowhunting Update

With September looming just around the corner my mind is really starting to wonder off to thoughts of treestands, falling leaves, and hard antlered whitetails!  The bowhunting season can’t come quick enough for this deer hunter, that’s for sure!

As part of the habitat management program on my Illinois hunting land I’ve been planting a lot of trees and other native plants.  The 3 acre native grass field I planted this spring is really starting to look great!  Despite the fact that its only the first year for this planting the  warm temperatures and consistant rain has given it a huge kick start. I’ve had to mow the field  twice to help control unwanted species and I also sprayed it once with a product called Banvel to control unwanted broadleaf plants. I can only imagine how this is going to increase the security cover on the property when it reaches maturity at 5 feet tall. I will most likely be complaining then I am not seeing any deer because they are all hiding in it!

Jim Carlson, thanks again for helping me out and doing such a great job planting!

I have attached some close-up photos for those of you who are interested in seeing the various types of grasses that I’ve planted and how they are coming along.

The head of some Indian Grass.

Sideoats Grama

Indian Grass stems

Little Blue Stem

It seems the area that I am hunting in Wisconsin does not have Earn-a-Buck regulations this year, which must mean that the DNR is happy with the overall population. I hope that some of the management practices that we have been doing such as letting the smaller bucks walk, taking does for meat & not shooting button bucks will hopefully make a difference in the long haul.  So far it seems to be showing some positive results.

Good looking buck from Wisconsin, I just might have to release an arrow on if he gets too close!

.Non-typical Buck – wow will this buck look cool if he makes it a few more years.

Back home in Illinois I haven’t had a sighting of Flyer the buck that I am after.  Hopefully he shows up once the velvet starts peeling off and the bucks begin roamin a little more.  In the meantime, I have a few other nice bucks that have showed up my trail cameras.

I want to give a bit congrats to Justin Hillman who looked like he has a great time in Africa. From the looks of these photos he had one heck of a bowhunting adventure.

Two more days until Justin and I are off to Wyoming for an Antelope hunt with our friends at Table Mountain Outfitters.  Wish us luck, we’re pretty excited!


  1. richard music says:

    Good luck you guys i hope you both connect out there should be an awesome hunt. I gotta tell you im kind of jealous wish i was going. maybe some day anyways, best of luck bring back some awesome footage.

  2. EXCELLENT trail cam pics! cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. michael pearce says:

    So the buck in the backround of your pic from 7/26 @ 7:58p.m. all the way on the right. has got to be one that you are looking to harvest soon. I am just guessing but he has got to be around 5 or 6

  4. Ryan Culvey says:

    Good luck you guys, I hope you both smoke a good one!

  5. You've put alot of work into your preparation. It will pay off. You deserve a great deer for how hard you work for them. Keep it up I know you will have some great harvest video to share with us soon 🙂

  6. Neal McCullough says:

    Good Luck!


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