ScentBlocker’s Ground Zero Ozone Wave

Introducing the new Ground Zero™ hunting blind system that combines proven ScentBlocker® activated carbon filtration with special ozone technology for unparalleled scent protection.


  • Ground Zero Ozone Wave unit utilizes an extended power 12V battery to provide 12-16 hours of use. LED battery indicator included.
  • Ozone Wave includes 12V truck charger and 110V AC charger.
  • Ozone Wave features a special quiet fan to pressurize the blind.
  • Roomy interior provides freedom of movement. Large window areas provide ease of shooting and extended viewing area.
  • Zippered floor is attached to blind to control scent and allows for easy cleaning.
  • Black interior helps to hide hunter inside blind.
  • Concealment loops allow for natural vegetation to be added to blind exterior.
  • Large carry bag for blind, ozone unit and ground stakes. Includes pack straps for easy transport.
  • Doubles as hunting apparel “prep chamber” to deodorize and decontaminate your hunting clothing and equipment prior to your hunt or for pre-season preparation.
  • Use the Ozone Wave separately to help de-scent your hunting vehicle.
  • Available in new Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity Camo.
The Power of Ground Zero™ Ozone Wave

  • Ozone is simply 3 atoms of oxygen (O3), and is often referred to as excited or activated oxygen.
  • Ozone is natures’ air purifier, and is produced naturally by lightning and by waterfalls. It leaves a fresh, clean, natural scent.
  • Ozone is highly unstable and readily gives up an extra oxygen atom. In seeking stability it continually searches out and attacks hydrocarbons and organic compounds such as odors. This oxidation process actually neutralizes and destroys odors; it doesn’t just cover them up. The main byproduct is regular oxygen.
  • It is one of the two most powerful oxidizing elements that exist, and the strongest one commercially available.
  • Ozone Wave produces safe and effective levels of ozone for air purification, and will continue to help control your human scent, even as you are creating it!


  1. Air Purifier Reviews says:

    I don't meant offend the person who made this product.. but what the hell!

    Ozone is not safe and is very toxic when in high doses. One of the main problems of Smog over LA is the sheer amount of Ozone. I would steer clear of this product as its going to cause long term damage to your lungs.



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