Cutting shooting lanes… The Essential tools.

Here is one thing I  have learned….  There is an easy way and a hard way to cut in stand locations.  Over the years through trial and error I have found the essential tools of the trade to get the job done as fast and easy as possible with leaving minimal disturbance to the area.  Sure using a chainsaw you could knock out some lanes fast…. But at what cost to the setup?

Starting with a simple folding hand saw.  I have one of these on me at all times while hunting.

A nice set of loppers are fantastic at taking down trees up to 2-3 inches in diameter.

The Hooyman 5 and 10 foot saws are outstanding pieces of equipment that I believe are a must for any mobile hunter.

Finally for those branches way up there a 14 foot pole saw.

By using these tools there won't be a setup that you can not effectively trim out with minimal effort.  By owning these tools for properly trimming out areas to hunt a hunter is more likely to cut out extra setups each year to expand their hunting opportunities.

 To follow are links to purchase the Hooyman saws right here on…


  1. very good! For pruning branches

  2. This post reminds me i got some trimming to do =)

  3. Man you have some guns!!!

  4. Yep, I need to get out there and do some cutting. You guys put up great How-To posts.


  5. korean fashion whole says:

    very good!


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