Pole Mountain Bowlegs – Great For Turkey Hunting

By Justin ZarrMarch 18, 20094 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Since I was fortunate enough to draw a 2nd season spring turkey tag for here in Illinois, I’ve started looking into what products I’m going to need to effectively chase these birds with a bow.  One item that had caught my eye back at the ATA show in 2008 was the Bowlegs from Pole Mountain Outdoors.  I have been using both the BowShield and PinShield from Pole Mountain and have been happy with them, so I figured I’d check them out.

The BowLegs is a bi-pod system that mounts to the accessory hole or riser cutout on your bow and holds your bow upright with the lower cam resting on the ground.  The Bowlegs are made from aluminum so they are both strong and lightweight – weighing in at a mere 4 ounces. When bowhunting for turkeys you have to be at the ready all the time, and this device really comes in handy.  The really cool part about the BowLegs is that when you’re not using them you can fold the legs back up and out of the way without having to entirely remove them from your bow.  Since they include a rubber sound-dampening pad on each leg they can help to alleviate noise and vibration when not in use.  They are actually designed to be a permanent solution that you can leave on your bow at all times and not have to put on and take off whenever you need them.

The BowLegs in the down position, holding your bow at the ready when hunting from the ground, or target shooting.

The BowLegs in the up position, when not in use.

Within roughly 5 minutes of opening the package I had the Bowlegs mounted on my Diamond Marquis and ready to go.  Setup was surprisingly easy and all I needed was one allen key to tighten the main mounting brackets to my bow’s riser.  I used the lower accessory hole in the riser where you would mount a two-piece quiver if you had one.  If you do have a two piece quiver and are worried about compatibility, don’t be.  You can use just about any cutout in your bow’s riser to mount the base.  The legs themselves are held in place with a thumb-screw and lock washer and require no tools to attach.

I’m going to shoot my bow with the BowLegs on for the next month as I get ready for the season to open, and I’ll keep you posted with any other thoughts or issues that pop up.  My only concern right now is resting my cam on the ground, but I’ll just have to use my brain and not set it down in any mud or debris.

If you’d like to pick up a pair of BowLegs for yourself, click here to purchase them from the Bowhunting.com online store.

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