Mid October Hunting Update

The past few years, esepcially last year, we were hunting in t-shirts well into November.  Well, not this year!  An unusual cold snap last week really got things moving here in Illinois. A lot of people, including myself, are starting to see some bucks bumping doe around the the rubs and scrapes are really starting to pick up as well.

Snow on October 12th??

Click play to watch the video clips of a couple 1 1/2 year olds that came by me one morning, following a group of does.

On Ocotber 12th as the cold front settled in and dumped some early season snow on us, I saw my first good shooter buck of the fall.  He was a ways off, but looked like a solid 140" deer, if not bigger.  Hopefully I'll get a better look at this guy up close and personal as the rut continues to draw near.

A doe with a broken leg came by during one of my hunts recently.  As I was thinking about what a difficult time she must have getting around when she busted me moving and took off like a rocket.  As I watched her bounding away she didn't look like she was having any trouble getting around to me!

My final stand preparations were made earlier this week.  It seems like every year, no matter how much preparation, scouting, and forethought is put into hanging stands you always seemt o want to move them once you get a better view of how the deer are moving in your area.  That held true this year as well as I uh-hung, re-hung, and trimmed out a few new spots in some very promising areas.  If I've learned anything from my buddy Andrae, it's that being an aggresisve deer hunter pays off.  You can't kill a nice buck if you don't get close to one, and there's no better time to sneak into their bedrooms than right now.


Speaking of the looming rut, a tell-tale sign that its drawing closer is when you have new bucks showing up on your CamTrakkers that haven't been seen all summer.  I've recently had a few new guys show up on my cameras, which only fuels my fire to get out there and get in a tree.

Check out this footage from my M.A.D. Wildlife Eye. 'Tis the season!

Although if I'm gonna try to kill a nice buck this year, I better find one that's not as smart as this horse!  This guy picked me out of my tree from a long ways away and every time I would move, he would run back into his stall!

My good friend Paul "Horseshoe" Mazur has been having a bit of a rough year so far, with buck sightings at a minimum.  So just like last time, I had to give him a pep talk and then take him out and show him where I would hang a stand.  The last time I did that he killed a 185" buck, so keep your eyes on my journal as I have a good feeling old Horseshoe is about to strike again!

I should start charging for my guidance if Paul's gonna shoot a buck like this every time I help him out!

Last but certainly not least, I want to say a big Congratulations to my buddy Andrae at Lone Wolf on harvesting his 6th B&C buck with a bow.  This guy is a huge deer killing machine, and never ceases to amaze all of us with his continued success.  Make sure you check out his TV show – Lone Wolf's Whitetail Addictions on The Men's Channel if you want to learn to out of the box tactics for killing big bucks from some serious trophy hunters.


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