New World Record or High Fence Escapee?

By Brodie SwisherSeptember 16, 20218 Comments

The social media world is buzzing today with talk of a giant whitetail buck killed in Kansas yesterday. As with any monster buck photo shared on social media, the comments and criticism soon began to follow. If you’re looking for some cheap entertainment, look no further than the comments revolving around this buck taken by Blake Keating in northeast Kansas.

Why is this deer story stirring up so much buzz?

Keating’s buck is ridiculously large, even for Kansas. In fact, it looks more like something you’d see come out of a high fenced deer farm. However, Keating’s post regarding the buck notes that the buck was in fact a free range buck.

Here’s a look at his Facebook post…

Since this deer is already out there and many people have contacted me I might as well make a post. Finally connected with this buck tonight, have had this deer on camera the past couple weeks coming in the evenings, after three nights of hunting he showed himself, shot him 15yds and only made it 30yds and dropped.

P.S. Yes this deer is free range

New World Record Or High Fence Escapee?
Blake Keating with his monster Kansas buck. Photo: Blake Keating

And that’s when the comments began to stack up.

Like normal, the comments were full of everything from congrats, to hateful claims and cussing.

“There’s no way that’s a free range buck,” one hunter said. “New world record!” another post claimed.

But an interesting twist came when Keating made a few follow up posts.

New World Record Or High Fence Escapee?
Keating's buck began to show up on the trail camera several weeks prior to his hunt. Photo: Blake Keating

In responding to questions asked about the buck, Keating mentioned that the buck had shown up on his trail camera a couple weeks prior to his hunt. But the twist came when Keating said that he was 10 miles from a high fence ranch, and the deer could have possibly come from there. Keating also mentioned that the deer had a hole in his left ear, possibly from an ear tag at one time. 

The hopes of a new world record whitetail seemed to be unraveling quickly when Keating posted his next comment below…

“The game ranch has already contacted me,” says Keating. “They said they have history with this buck, so I’m unsure if it would qualify for record books.”

Because of the buck likely having its roots based behind the fence, Keating’s buck would not be eligible for the record books. And for Keating, that’s okay. He’s just happy to have had the opportunity to put an arrow through an animal of this caliber beyond the fence.

“It’s a once in a lifetime buck, ear tag hole or not,” says Keating. “It’s the biggest deer I will ever see hunting free range.”

New World Record Or High Fence Escapee?
Would you shoot a high fence escapee? Photo: Blake Keating

Despite what some proud hunters might claim, there’s not too many hunters I know that wouldn’t have sent the arrow had that buck walked up under their stand. I know I  would have never thought twice about emptying my quiver on this deer.

Would you?

Comment below, and let us know if you would shoot or pass on a high fence escapee if it walked past your stand.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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