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Posted on 8/11/2010 | 4815 views

Todd Graf Wisconsin 10 Point Buck

With only a few days to hunt and film, Todd Graf seized the opportunity to harvest a great Wisconsin 10 point buck during late October.  An exciting hunt from beginning to end!

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This was exciting it was the end of October I knew the bucks were gonna start rutting soon. I knew they were gonna be in pre rut. We are seeing does and a few small bucks.  We haven’t seen what we are looking for. Josh Fletcher was there by my side. To help capture this hunt. It was awesome I mean from the moment we got in the treestand, to the moment we left, it was activity after activity after activity. This is what we wait for folks right here. This would be a dead deer right here. That’s the way we wait for. This was really the first time I was able to really be hunting deer in the prime time with the video guy and have everything set up in one of my most favorite stands in Wisconsin. We hear these 2 which sounded like somebody nearby clashing a set of rattling antlers was actually 2 super nice bucks fighting in this thicket that we were hunting.

Got  a decent rack on em.  They’re crashing [pretty good. I would say that the rut has started. The pre rut I can here em grunt. Sounds like he’s heading towards us. There he is right there. Standing . You filming him? Josh you filming him? Looks like he got a broken antler out of that deal.

Although we weren’t able to get a good footage of the bucks fighting, actually we didn’t any footage of the bucks fighting. I could just barely see with my binoculars. These two deer were out to kill each other.

Sure enough, after about 5 min. of these deer just literally killing each other. We see one buck. Then all of a sudden we see another buck. Then, I was just, picture perfect. We were sitting there, although as usual the buck didn’t come the direction we expected it to. I .l looked over my shoulder , here comes a super nice 125-130” whitetail. What do you think? It was so picture perfect, I couldn’t believe it. I was at full draw. Josh was above me, the camera was rolling, we had a full battery. The only thing I had to do was make sure I didn’t miss.

Unbelievable. Josh, you did it buddy. We did it! He’s down, dude. I know he’s down.

 A nice big kick of the legs. I knew I had a great shot. And what’s most exiting for any bowhunter in this situation is when you see that deer go down.

He was ten yards, Josh was filming. I was like, Josh, you get him? And he was like, ya. It couldn’t have been any more picture perfect, It really couldn’t have been. I always tell my friends that the real hunt begins when the arrow hits the animal. What we are gonna do here is pick up the blood trail. Speaking of blood. Right there. So we’re gonna pick this trail up here. We saw where he went, but you know I always like to kinda follow the tracks you know sometimes you can just run up and you know find the deer which is fine. What we would like to do is come back and replay the whole steps, because we have all been in that situation before where we are hunting and boy it doesn’t go the wa we would like it to go and just learning from the derferent shots and the reactions of the deer and the recoveries and analll the data is just information you lern from. Here’s some more blood. While we didn’t find the arrow, well have to come in the light for that. Oh, here we go guys. Right up here. Come on. Right up here. Oh, you can smell him too. There he is. Nice Wisconsin Ten. Oh ya blood all over the place here. Oh. Here he is. Nice Wisconsin Ten Pointer. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Beautiful. Oh. Well, this is what I’m talkin about right here, you know. Josh and I had a plan. We got in there. We worked together. We worked hard. And it definitely paid. This is a dandy of a deer. Um, this is stuff we dream about for sure. Nice heart shot. Outside the ears, this a nice buck.

Congratulations buddy.

We did it!

That’s it.

Oh man. I mean, Josh I appreciate it. The filming was awesome. We really snuck in here perfect, it was just, the whole thing was just dandy. Aw man I really appreciate it.

Your welcome, and I’ll tell you what. It’s It’s just as rewarding if not more, doing it behind a camera. Gives you the opportunity to look back and share these memories. Not just between friends but between family and other people that have the opportunity to actually sit down and watch video and see what we actually see. You can only tell so much of a story. When u actually put the tape in an show it to people. That tells the story. Well here it goes.

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