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Posted on 7/13/2010 | 4838 views

WKP The Tall Brow Eight - Iowa Whitetail

Todd Pringnitz of White Knuckle Productions harvests a great Iowa buck after several encounters with him.  Watch the hunt for the Tall Brow Eight right here on Bowhunting.com!

Transcription Available! Read the transcription

I meant Todd Pringnitz about 3 years ago, through Justin Zarr and our website huntingnet.com at the time. Todd had one thing on his mind, and one thing only, and that was bow hunting white tails. Todd was instrumental honestly getting Justin and me into filming our own hunts. And helping him with this video production, White Knuckle Productions. One thing I gotta say about Todd’s hunts. Both Justin and I agree. Anybody who lets this buck pass earlier in the season, and waits a few weeks, is the hardest thing, and in my opinion is crazy.

Were once again going to a brand new spot. There’s a big old boy working in here there always is. Last year I think Tyler saw a 160 class walking through here. This whole area is shredded. There is a monster buck over here. And everything comes right to this point, which is why were setting up here. What a beautiful night. We are situated on the corner of Big Horn Ridge. There’s two big ridges that come don. And it is shredded. Big buck sign down the bottom down there. There’s a big creek bottom. There are scrapes and rubs everywhere there are rubs all over this entire point. Literally within this hundred acres, nobody has hunted it. Hopefully well see something. Oh look at. He’s an aggressive little guy. Here’s another deer. Oh baby that’s a big buck.

While turning on stand to get into position for the quickly approaching doe and the big eight, a piece of corn dropped and busted us moving, and blew out of the area. This caused the tall brow eight, and the doe to be on high alert for the next 15 minutes.

25 yds right there. He is in my shooting lane. Perfect shot at 25 yds. Right there. 27 yds. Broadside. Beautiful buck. Big mature deer. Just can’t do it. Ah what a dandy man, he’s a stud. He’s a stud 8 pointer right there. Stud. What a giant. Are you kidding. Look at this guy. Whats that. Thirty yds right there. That’s a stud. Probably  hes probably a 5 and a half. Nothing but a big 8. Big brows. I looked down. Put the binocs on em. Like, that’s a 130 class 8. Im like, holy crap that’s a huge hit. But in Iowa here, we’ve go some true giants. But here in Iowa we’ve got some true giants, and that’s what I want to hunt this year.

We’ve got some big deer in this area. We passed the tall brow eight. 200 yds from here not even. I know he would be a real tough buck to pass. We’ll half to make that decision if we see him this morning. This is a great tree in a great location. Basically cuts off some huge sections of property it all funnels through one level section. And I think were gonna see some absolute giants. The day I killed my big ass buck ever, the shredder, the 46th of my hunting year. It’s a crime man, that one prepared me for the season and going the distance. Because sometimes that’s just what it takes. You get that one opportunity and that’s it man its worth it man. It could happen out of this tree this morning, it could happen. So, stick around. Every bone in my body wants a big buck you don’t even know. Theres another buck down there. Oh there’s three bucks.  Another buck just stepped out of that tree over there. Oh do not tell me that’s who I think it is. That’s Tall Brow Eight. I can’t see him. ( to camera man) You can see him?

He’s coming this way. Is he? Oh that’s him right there. Alright Kyle. I’m gonna take him right here behind me. Take this cap if he gives it to me. I can’t swing around that quick. I don’t know where else to kill him.

You got him.

Are you sure?


I hit him high.

I just shot the tall brow eight. And he took my arrow pretty good. I hit him at 25 yards right here. Oh what a heart breaker. I don’t think we are gonna find that deer. I don’t know how I… I don’t know if I hit one lung. I know I didn’t get much penetration. If anything I hit him, I know he just really freaken ducked. I was right on him. He was looking away. Didn’t have a clue. Maybe I got lucky. Caught a lung. Or um. Or caught that artery. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Oh lets pack up. Gotta go back and look at the footage. Give him time.

God dang Tyler here, we just found Tyler’s buck. Tyler shot a beautiful 160 class. Ten this morning. So we’re one for two, we’re hoping to be two for two. But I just don’t know. To be brutally honest, I don’t think we are going to find this deer.Thats the reality of it. Um. Pray to God we do, but all we can do is try our best to find him. Um, That’s all we can do.

Okay Okay Okay. Oh my… (mumbles to himself) Yes

Yes. Amazing.

Over here. Oh my God there he is. Ha! HAHAHA. Yaha. Oh my God. Hahaha. AHHH!!! Ahh!! AH!!!!!

Oh my gosh man. Yes sir oh my gosh, what a giant.


Look at that pig!



Yes! Oh my Gosh! He’s huge.

Why didn’t you snag him the first time?

 It just wasn’t the right time

Wasn’t the right time.

AHHH!!!! I can’t believe it. Oh my god no way. I can’t believe it. Ugh. I can’t even believe it. The Big Brow Buck. I can’t believe it. I…. when we came in here. I told Tyler and I told Dan and Kyle, I said the chances of us finding this buck are slim… What a giant 8 point.

Hundred, hundred and fifty yards. Hundred, hundred and sixty.

He didn’t go that far off….



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