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Posted on 6/9/2010 | 6460 views

Rifle/Shotgun Hunting Wisconsin/Illinois

Todd Graf puts the bow down for a week and goes back to rifle and shotgun hunting in Illinois and Wisconsin. Todd also goes into the importance of deer control and coming up with a plan with neighboring land owners for growing quality deer.

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2 Comments on "Rifle/Shotgun Hunting Wisconsin/Illinois"

Re: Rifle/Shotgun Hunting Wisconsin/Illinois

Great video Todd, That would have been the biggest deer I ever shot at 50 years old.I did learn many things from it.ie, gun sighted correctly,waiting for the better shot ect.I'm glad all I got was hair and your right "will never forget it". We cheeseheads in WI will continue to better manage our herd and hopefully comunicate with all of our neighbors to get on the same page. You are a great neighbor and a good friend to have. Thank you,Phil. p.s.It was realy nice to get another look at him

Posted by Phil on 12/15/2009 9:33:36 PM

Re: Rifle/Shotgun Hunting Wisconsin/Illinois

Great job with all your videos. I discovered this site earlier this year and have been more than impressed. I mirror your ethics and respect for the animals we pursue. It's nice to have a few on the same page.

Posted by Mark K on 12/17/2009 6:09:39 PM

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