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Posted on 8/11/2010 | 3924 views

Josh Fletcher Wisconsin 9 Point Buck

After what looks like a near perfect shot, staff member Josh Fletcher has a difficult time finding this Wisconsin whitetail.  Find out why shot placement can be so deceiving and what it is important to always follow up on every shot.

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Alright, were the first evening, of the opener of Wisconsin bow hunting season, September 15. This morning it was 34 degrees, warmed up considerably. Now it’s about 60-61 degrees. This evening is going to switch off and become cool again. We have a solid southwest wind. This is the stand where I got on my game camera to see a freak nasty big old non typical, he’s 14 pointer; he’s got triple brows on his right side. It is what time is it, quarter after four right now. My camera man Bryce is always on me. Come on Josh, you need to get out here earlier. Ah I’m coming out here just before dark.  Well we’re putting on our camera. Over there, 2 does are feeding

This is a pretty cool hunt. I was really excited for josh Fletcher and Bryce. They hunted extremely hard together on many hunts. Finally they had an opportunity to harvest a nice buck on film.

“Grunt” I thought it looked to me I drilled him. That’s a big buck dude. I saw a branch move; shake like that, so I think that might have been him going down.

Good buck man.

It looks like it’s coated in red, that’s why it worries me. To me, I know I shot him good from what I could see. It looked good. Did you get it on camera?

I hope so. It says record on it.

Haha, ya so we can review it.

I thought he was gonna cut right here.

I did too.

F*&#%n A, man.

Oh that shot looked good!

I think he’s down, I think he’s down.

You see Josh, what looks to be a good shot in regular motion, turned out not to be such a good shot.

That shot, it looks like its along like six yards. I don’t know, I couldn’t have messed up.

Damn Wisconsin! On the Board man! I’m so proud of Josh. He just smoked a dandy buck. He just got done missing a good buck. I may have messed up the camera, I though I hit record but I didn’t. I’m viewing his aluminocted cone and then there about 30 yards away from us, all of a suddon im zooming in on it. Josh’s big buck coming right down here. I got a perfect over the shoulder shot. Perfect.

This buck is coming down the trail. When he gives his quick little eh. Its not the deer. What actually happens is this deer, is walking broadside, turns his head, which also creates the bucks turning. When Josh lets go of that release, and that arrow hits that buck. The shot was just too far back.

I’m hoping he’s down.  Were head back and look at this footage again and see. There’s just, you know I’m honestly just so fed up right now it’s unbelievable, I can’t I just can’t believe i’m loosing  another deer.

Unfortunately that deer wasn’t found. For several days. That buck was actually found almost 600 yards away from where the deer was harvested. That just goes to show you how far that these whitetails can travel, even when they are wounded.

There’s some right there.

I bet you we played that video over a hundred times in this office with josh being on the phone going back and forth back and forth was it long was it too long. Was it the liver.

Just go ahead. Just stop filming let’s find this buck.

I think the lesson to be learned from this buck here. Is number 1, it is so important to give the deer time. If you’re not sure about the shot, and you got any kind of question about it. You gotta wait, you gotta regroup, it gives you a chance to relax, get other people out there to help you. And that’s exactly what josh and Bryce did. I’m so glad Josh ended up finding that buck, and putting an end to the story.

Well, somewhat of a sense of pity on me. A non typical 180. Another guy at my hunting lease here, uh, he’s got all the luck because he found him for me. It’s 2 days later it’s November 5th, now I shot this buck November 3rd. And uh, josh was sitting up in his stand, and looked out and he seen this buck laying here, so he come walking up to it, and remembered that I hit one. He called me up and says is this your buck. I said I wasn’t sure, so I had him come over to my house, we looked at the video footage. Yup that’s the one I found because of his broken off G3 or G4 I don’t know I should say, that’s broken off on him. We ended up recovering the buck. He ran probably a good half mile. Just a big bruiser of a body on him. And just when you think, it couldn’t turn for the worst, and it does and the rollercoaster goes back up for us, we end up finding him here. Just a dandy dandy buck. After this emotional rollercoaster, I couldn’t be more happier. This might be the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Just going from the worst, the sick feeling you get when you shoot a buck and you can’t find him. Knowing that this buck is out here laying somewhere, when you just can’t find him..

We’ve all been there before. If our a bow hunter your gonna lose a deer. Your gonna make a bad shot. I don’t care who you are or how much you practice, I don’t care if your the best shot in the world, it will happen. If you’ve got a perfect record right now, at some point your rgonna find yourself this spot. All you can do is learn from other people’s experiences.

After this emotional rollercoaster, trust me I’m gonna start shooting my deer further, further up than where I’m normally aiming at. Again it’s not exactly where I aim, I mean, that’s where I aim, but that’s not where I wanna place my arrow. Just deceiving about that shoulder blade and how it shifts back on him. Just a dandy, dandy buck, I mean talk about a closure to an emotional season for me. I couldn’t be any happier. I owe somebody a steak dinner! Haha. I’ll tell you what, if I can’t have any luck, I’ll run luck off of somebody else, haha.

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