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Posted on 6/11/2010 | 7132 views

Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

Back in Illinois Bowhunting Todd Graf finds himself a nice buck who seems to have injured his leg. Find out if Todd takes the shot!

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12 Comments on "Injured Buck Encounter: Late November"

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

There is no Question, that deer gets shot.... It is the humane thing to do even if i dont get invited back onto that propery. Be a Sportsman not a Target for the anti!!!!!!!!

Posted by Don Lockhart on 12/15/2009 5:03:13 PM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

take the shot....put him out of his misery..coyotes will get him otherwise...

Posted by don damman on 12/18/2009 3:05:32 PM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

I would have taken the shot.. If the property owner or manager didn't understand why I did it then they need to find something other to do.

Posted by Robert on 12/18/2009 11:13:43 PM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

I agree with the comments below. You should've just shot him and dealt with any repercussions later. The upstanding, ethical thing to do is take him out. Hope for his sake that he survives the long winter.

Posted by Kanon on 12/21/2009 2:38:41 PM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

Come on man! You've really got to text your buddy to make sure it is ok to shoot a good buck with a broken leg? What a joke. I understand setting requirements on a farm and all that, but this is ridiculous. That is a prime example of being too wrapped up in the numbers to see straight. That deer should have been shot when he stepped into the shooting lane no questions asked. Give me a break!

Posted by Matt Brewer on 12/25/2009 9:43:33 AM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

you should have taken this buck that would be the most ethical thing to do. He could have been in your freezer now he is coyote bait.

Posted by brynden on 12/30/2009 5:06:21 PM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

its in every deer hunters mind to shoot an injured buck but texting the owner of the property was the right thing to do its the people who just do things with out permission that make it so hard to find someone who owns property who will let you hunt i think you did the right thing letting him pass you stay in the stand and you may or may not get another shot, deer do move and someone will have a shot before the season closes

Posted by bob on 1/1/2010 12:44:11 AM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

2 things: first, this buck may very well make it through the season. I had a nice 11 pointer in my area that lost a leg to a car accident and he limped around here for 3 years after he got hit. Whitetails are extremely hardy. If not, it's the nature of things if the coyotes get him. Second, those of you running your mouth about taking the shot regardless of what the landowner may or may not "understand" are exactly the type of people who make it impossible for the average bowhunter to get p

Posted by Loves2Hunt on 3/12/2010 7:36:08 PM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

I agree with a lot of things you believe in Todd, except for this one buddy. Should've taken it man. But, its over and done with, lets hope he makes it.

Posted by Brad Schierbaum on 4/27/2010 9:25:51 PM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

Quit with the excuses. You should have shot the deer. You had it on video being hurt. Act like you got a pair and do the right thing.

Posted by Mike Smith on 9/8/2010 12:06:56 AM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

I just happened on this clip.. Most comments are several years old. I was hoping it would end the correct way. I did not. I hope you mature as a hunter and do the right thing next time... What a shame..

Posted by HONOR on 9/24/2010 1:31:48 PM

Re: Injured Buck Encounter: Late November

He very likely survived, I shot a buck this fall that had broken his left hind leg the previous winter. We did try and harvest him the first fall but after numerous sightings he had still evaded our stands. This fall when I ended up shooting him, he was in fine shape, and you could not tell other than a large bulge on his leg where the bone had healed. We have plenty of coyotes, wolves and bears up in Ontario and he managed just fine.

Posted by Tyson on 10/10/2010 1:07:04 AM

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