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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 7989 views

Carbon Express Covert 3.5 T Crossbow

Crossbows continue to gain popularity amongst bowhunters everywhere, and the Cover 3.5 T is sure to be a hit for 2010.

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Hi, I’m Mark Bauer, General Manager of Crossbow division of Carbon Express showing off our new crossbow line that we just introduced at the show. This is our Covert 3.5 T Crossbow, as you can see we’ve got a radically new design stock, the whole concept of the stock is to be fully adjustable to fit any shooter um whether you’re 4’5” or 7’5” this bow will adjust to fit you comfortably to shoot your best.  The stock comes with a removable butt plate, we ship with a 2 inch extension, a 1 inch extension or can be shot with no extension at all to fit a short armed shooter.  As you can see we have an integral cocking mount to cock the bow with a cocking wench if necessary, for a rope cocker we’ve included the rope cocking groove in the back of the stock.  It’s covered in our silent tech finish which is a soft, um rubbery finish to give you a comfortable feel.  The stock design is designed (demonstration) to balance on the front forearm for shooting military style offhand like so; if you want to shoot more shotgun style you can come out in the front holding grip which is included in a five position folding grip.  This is also adjustable on a full 6 inch range, on a pick & tinny base on the bottom of the aluminum barrel.  Quicker mount off the pick & tinny as well as the folding shooting stick.  The trigger is a fully machine 3.5 pound trigger with 7 inch pick & tinny rail on top giving you a lot of eye relief adjustability.  The scope’s a 432 5 crosshair scope with red or green illumination and flip up caps are included as well.  Barrels fully machined, the riser is a fully machined parallel limb design, carbon impregnated limbs and fully cocked disposal only 19 inches wide.  It’s almost recoil free and very quite shooting with a 450 grain arrow - this bow’s delivering 350ft per second.  Also included is an integral cocking stirrup with dual sling swivels on the front.  So you can see from front to back this is a totally new radical design and we’re very excited to introduce it this year.

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2 Comments on "Carbon Express Covert 3.5 T Crossbow"

Re: Carbon Express Covert 3.5 T Crossbow

Hey, Rocket Scientist, HOW MUCH does it WEIGH???????????

Posted by billy on 8/6/2011 6:23:37 PM

Re: Carbon Express Covert 3.5 T Crossbow

where can I get one???

Posted by Dennis Green on 9/16/2011 8:59:24 AM

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