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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 6612 views

Predator TrailCams TrailEYE I-R

New for 2010 the Traileye IR digital trail camera from Predator has an adjustable resolution from 5.0 to 1.3 MP, takes photos or videos, and accepts up to a 16 GB SD flash card.  It also features Predator's new Dragon IR technology for an impressive flash range of 40 feet.

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Hi, I’m Kyle Alsmore with Predator Trail Cams and today I’ll be showing you what we have new for 2010.  The first products that we are introducing this year are the new Trail Eye series; it will be the Trail Eye IR and the Trail Eye Flash Camera. What’s really new about our cameras that sets them apart at $249 price point is that we have dragon infrared technology and these cameras will have one infrared equals actually about ten to twelve (inaudible) infrared and these are also a true infrared camera so we’re the first camera below $249 to have a true IR camera with not the big red glow that you see on the traditional camera.  What’s really cool about our camera as well is that we have a bunch of new mounting options, a case that’s guaranteed for life against anything that Mother Nature can dish out so it really puts a solid good price point camera on the market.  What we also have on our camera is a unique user interface, it works out basically just like a touch pad that you have on a TV remote and it also interfaces if you’re going through and you have simply one touch setup options. On those one touch options you can go through and scroll down and all you do is highlight the one that you want, hit ok and the camera automatically runs, there’s 8 still options and 8 video options.  So when you’re looking at a camera, something simple to use, give you great features and setup quickly then the Trail Eyes series is definitely what you’re looking for; better case design, better infrared lighting system than anything on the market that’s out there currently today. It is a really unique product and it is really advanced for a $249 price point and I think it’s really gonna take the industry over.

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