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Posted on 4/21/2010 | 5625 views

Zero Peep

Check out the Zero Peep sight and many others from the guys over at Hind Sight Inc!

Transcription Available! Read the transcription

Hi everybody, this is Don Preve with Hindsight Inc. I want to introduce to you our latest product, it’s called the zero peep, this is the prototype and it’s in development. Sight features magnifying lens that will be available in various powers. It features an aperture in the center of the lens that you will center your front pin on when you do that the circles will automatically line up just like looking through a scope. The rear sight, the zero peep also features a light for low light visibility. it highlights the center of the aperture but yet you can still see through the lens. Come visit us at www.hindsightco.com for more information on the whole hindsight product line.

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