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Posted on 4/21/2010 | 4285 views

The Droptine Divas: Workin' For Whitetail

Check out a preview of the Newest dvd from the Droptine Divas, "Workin' For Whitetail"

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Hi I’m Shelly and I’m Tara and we’re with the Droptine Divas. We’ve been producing hunting videos now for three years and the basis of our, our videos are family orientated. We want to show the kids getting out there, tracking deer with us, um so we’ve had a blast doing it.  You can get our newest video calling workin’ for whitetails, um online at www.droptinedivas.com its awesome video, it’s two hours long we’ve got 13 awesome bucks taken down um guaranteed your gonna love the video.

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Re: The Droptine Divas: Workin' For Whitetail

Your tv show rocks and it was nice to hear that you have a farm in Wisconsin and hunt on it. My father and I come from Florida every year in november to hunt in st. Germain and Richland center and its soooooo awesome,thanks

Posted by david knight on 7/17/2011 7:42:08 AM

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