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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 7477 views

Slick Trick Crossbow Trick Broadhead

Slick Trick's new Crossbow Trick broadhead is designed specifically to work with today's high speed crossbows, proving optimal arrow flight and devastating penetration.

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I’m Tommy Rigg with Slick Trick Archery and for 2010 we came out with the Crossbow Trick; it’s 175 grain, fixed blade, four blade broadhead, it has the Alcatraz blade lock system just as the rest of our heads do.  Like I said it comes 175 grain we introduced it for the cross bow hunters to get the weight forward that the cross bolts need to stabilize, works best for the folks that have the aluminum inserts prevents from having to change to brass inserts or insert weights, gets the optimal weight up there in front.  We worked with Dan Miller from Horizontal Archery to develop this head and as you can see its still in the classic slick trick shape and we’re hoping it’ll work well also for the crossbow hunters that are looking to get the heavier arrow weights and back up to the kinetic energy punching weight and that’s our new head for the year; it comes packaged with the field tips and 175 grain which allows for the guys to get their field tips practice in after they get their tuning in and we appreciate your time.

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