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Posted on 4/21/2010 | 4868 views

Skip-J Camera Supports

From The guys over at Whitetail Adrenaline and Skip Peterson comes the Skip-J Camera Support. Not only does this camera mount pack up nice and tight, but it allows you to get any shot while still maintaining good quality filming! Usable in a tree or filming on the ground, this mount is perfect for anyone filming some hunts this fall!

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Um, I’m soon to launch this company Skip-J Camera Supports, this is a system I’ve been using for a few years.  We’re also gonna have a number of other supports but the reason I’ve been using this system is it’s a lot more applicable to my style of hunting. It takes 30 seconds to hang, and you’re not limited to if there’s a tree limb here you can go right under it, you can go wherever you need to go and get the shot. And what I do if I’m filming on the ground I just tighten this up just like so and then I’m just right here all day long I can just go wherever I want to go, I can go. So that’s the new support where gonna have up, we’re gonna have a website out very shortly SkipJ.com, that’ll be our website and uh we’ll have videos on there that I guess go through the final model, this is a prototype um the finals are gonna be CNC machined out, there gonna be anodized black and it folds up this small. (Demonstration) Right there, that’s what your carrying in the woods, so and the finals have a leveler on them for trees that aren’t level, it’s been awesome for us to work with um that’s why I wasn’t planning on manufacturing any but so many people liked it that uh I partnered with Skip Peterson and uh he’s the machinist, the genius behind it, the engineering um we’re pretty excited about it.

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