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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 5580 views

ScentBlocker Mack Daddy Pac Boot

1200 grams of Thinsulate insulation and ScentBlocker's SPF60 activated carbon insole work together to keep your feet warm and scent free during cold weather bow hunts.

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Hi, we’re here at the 2010 Archery Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio. I’m Eric Bantly with Scent Blocker and we’re introducing our new Bone Collector Pack Boot.  This features twelve hundred grams of 3m insulation. In addition, we have a carbon based insole to absorb odors and moisture, toe warmer capability that when the temperature is dropping you need additional insulation you can add a toe warmer to help built in recessed underneath the insole to radiate heat up. This features a very durable upper with real tree AP camo, three layer rubberized mud guard, additional rubber protection in the toe and the heel, skeleton skeletal framing upper of leather, thousand dead year all real tree purpose camel, features a gator that locks in odors and also keeps snow out with a cam lock closure system. Durable, rubber all sole of multi directional traction with internal EVA shock pods in the heels and the for part so this is our new twelve hundred gram Bone Collector Pack Boot available in June 2010. Thank you.

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