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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 4610 views

ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth Pack Boot

Looking for a way to keep your feet warm while still being scent free?  The new Woolly Mammoth pac boot from ScentBlocker is your answer.

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Hi, I’m Eric Bantly with Robinson Outdoor Products; we’re here at the 2010 Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio introducing a number of new products.  The first item is the new Dream Season Wooly Mammoth Pack Boot; it’s really combing the most ultimate scent control features with the warmest insulation technology available. First of all we have a rubberized skeleton upper frame that is camo fabric with rubber, it’s very durable and it’s the ultimate in scent control. Rubber toe and heel for abrasion speed lacing system to lock in your ankle. It features a removable carbon gator to absorb odors as you’re sweating and the odors get pumped up in and out of the boot. In addition, trusted wool insulation, this is thirteen millimeters thick insulation that has three layers, polyproyl wool, radiant techs and also needle punch wool, complete thirteen millimeters of wool surrounding your foot. Also, we have an additional layer which is cork infused EVA.  This EVA is soft, comfortable and with adding cork to it, it adds another insulation layer underneath your foot protecting you from the cold from below; from standing on cold tree stands or standing on the snow so it’s the first scent control item with carbon S3 antimicrobial lining and trusted wool insulation. Mossio tree stand camo fabric, durable rubber outsole, EVA med sole covered in durable fabric. The new Wooly Mammoth Dream Season Extreme Pack available June of 2010. Thank you.

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