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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 8413 views

ScentBlocker Bone Collector Mack Daddy

The new Mack Daddy suit from ScentBlocker features their new Cold Fusion technology and includes a removable sherpa fleece vest to keep you warm on those cold hunts. 

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Guys, this year with our bone collector Mac Daddy, we have the new boa lacing system that we utilized in our boots that is now being put into our clothing.  You can find it on the wrists and on the neck region of the uh garment. Here at Scent Blocker we are continually working to improve our garments with advanced technology to help control your scent and get you guys closer to game, that is our number one goal in this company. So what we have developed this year is a new cold fusion to go along with this garment. This cold fusion is a new activated carbon used by NATO militaries and by the medical industry.  It has been tested with Freudenberg Company in the United Kingdom and they have proven that we can reactivate this in the dryer and successfully reactivate the garment itself. Some of the key features that we’re going to get with this garment here: the kidney areas tightening system will help you guys in order to make it a tighter fit so you have no loose, no baggage while hunting. You’ve got four strategically placed pockets on the top as well as a Sherpa fleece liner vest to go in the middle that can be removed and um taken out for the earlier season hunting if you so wish to use that. Thanks a lot guys.

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