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Posted on 1/12/2011 | 3285 views

Scentachment Scent Dispersion Systems

Scentachment introduces a simple yet innovative scent dispersing system for 2011. Scentatchment's Scent Pod attaches to your bow's limbs or quiver with a pliable, quiet rubber attachment or they can be clipped to your hat, boot or backpack to disperse scent without getting it all over yourself.

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2 Comments on "Scentachment Scent Dispersion Systems"

Re: Scentachment Scent Dispersion Systems

NEW 2011 !!! A few quick notes: The SCENTACHMENT PINE CONE which hangs from a tree - has a reflective tape strip, which allows you to find this scent dispersion device at dusk w/ a flashlight. The BOW SCENTACHMENT base attaches on your Bow limbs, riser, or quiver with a sticky 3M tape, similar to a limbsaver, and the rubber "scent pod" is easily detached from this base and stored for future use. The BACKPACK SCENTACHMENT is incredibly versatile, and can be attached just about anywhere (boots, hat, backpack etc.) with a strong clip which is integral to the unit. We also offer an incredibly novel RIFLE SCENTACHMENT- which attaches FIRMLY to rifles, shotguns, and or black powder barrels (see a picture of this at www.Scentachment.com). In each case, the scent wick/pod is re-usable, and easily interchanged. The SCENTACHMENT SYSTEM is a totally new concept which is well engineered, easy to use, and it works! We would like to personally thank the attendees of the trade show for the overwhelm

Posted by Greg Broderick on 1/14/2011 12:14:00 PM

Re: Scentachment Scent Dispersion Systems

I hunt multiple states and am a self proclaimed "elkaholic". I was one of the first to test this system in 2010. I am an archery mountain hunter and scents are something that has always seemed to be more troublesome than they were worth. I found that with this system, I dodn't need to carry a bottle of urin or have it on my hands in the field. I used a small pair of gloves to handle the pads and put them in before a hunt and took them out afterwords. This was easy, clean and let me focus on my hunt and not worry about scent bottles or gels. It is an simple and clean system. While I know that scents won't hide your human smell, I feel that in fickle mountain winds they can give you that extra few seconds that you may need to get a shot off. As hard as I train and prepare for each season, I want every advantage I can get. I will not hunt without this system again.

Posted by Bryan Murphy Bend, OR. on 1/17/2011 10:55:08 AM

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