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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 4091 views

Roscoby Riser Cam

The Roscoby Riser Cam is an extremely rugged and durable camera that attaches to your bow's front stabilizer hole.  Simply turn the camera on and you can film your own hunts without the need for a cameraman or other expensive equipment.

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Hi folks my name is Steve and I’m with Roscoby Riser Cam, uh glad you could see this product. What we have here is a digital video camcorder that we have housed inside the stabilizer. The camera actually acts as a stabilizer just like any other stabilizer on the market today.  The nice thing about this camera is that it is built into the stabilizer and the recoil is taken up by the base of the camera which is called the RAT technology - recoil absorption technology. The camera runs on 2 AA lithium batteries and you get 7 hours battery life on both batteries, it stores down to an SD card, the SD card holds 50 min of storage per gig. This camera will take up to a four gig card so you have essentially 3hrs 50minutes, 3 hrs and 20minutes of footage that you can get on one card. So to turn the camera on you simply press the ON button, you hold it down for 3 seconds the green LED light turns on, now you’re in standby. When you’re ready to record you press the record button the record button turns on you’re no recording. When you are done recording you hit the record button it turns it off and you stored it down to the SD card. When it’s in the standby mode if you look on there it will tell you how many minutes you have left on your SD card. When your SD card gets to its life, the red light will start to flash, when the battery gets to the end of its life the green light will start to flash. Average time on the battery is approximately 7 hours. We had to make it simple so guys like me could use it ok, as that animal starts to come into view your slowly filming it you get into your position lock in your release draw back just release the camera will be centered on your target make sure you hold your bow up proper form and then just keep your fist on the animal after you shot it and it will keep you perfectly dialed in on the target. When you are done you hit the record button and it stores it down to the SD card. Now, this camera is highly waterproof and very shock resistant, we can’t call it 100% waterproof because we have the ability to record sound so every time you miss something you swear you can get that beautiful wonderful action but the nice thing about it is that you can put it under water for many hours and it doesn’t drop and you could drop it on the floor like that, excuse me let me grab the camera and the camera will still function for you. When we developed this camera we developed it for the hunter; it was designed so that any guy who hunts can take it into the woods, he doesn’t have camera packs, battery packs, tree arms, anything that would cause him grief and extra weight going into the woods. He is walking into the woods with his bow like any other day. I hope I’ve given you enough information about the camera you can contact us on roscoby.com learn more about the camera see some of our wonderful footage, thank you for the opportunity to share this information with you.

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Dear Rich, it was a pleasure meeting you at this Archery Show in Hairrsbuge PA. Show P.S I would like to speak to you

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