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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 7412 views

Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 & HC600 Trail Cameras

Faster trigger speed, longer battery life, smaller size, and better image quality.  That's what you can expect from the Reconyx Hyperfire trail cameras.  Available Spring 2010 right here at Bowhunting.com!

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Hi, Brad Bjerke here with Reconyx Scout and Camera. I’m here to tell you a little about our new product, it’s called hyperfire; it’s our new product for 2010.

 What we’ve got here is a smaller camera; we have two different style cameras, one’s a covert model which is this one and one’s a semi-covert model. The difference between the two is this one there is no red flash at night, you’ve heard of the tell tale red glow and stuff like that. Covert is definitely the way to go for great, great scouting, no game spookage at all. The semi-covert model you can see the LED’s inside there a little bit where it’s called semi-covert so you’ll see a little bit of red flash at night. The smaller camera which is really nice; we’re switching from 6 C cell batteries to 12 AA where you can run up to a year depending on how many pictures you take, usually about forty thousand pictures; we went from a compact flash card to switch to an SD card where it’s really nice if you have a digital camera you can just pop your SD card inside of it and then you can go through and view your pictures which is really nice because you can view them in the field. The settings are pretty much the exact same except for the trigger speeds can be a little faster.

 Instead of one picture per second, compared to our last model is it’s going to be two pictures per second then up to ten pictures per trigger. It kind of looks like the lost camel but it’s not lost camel; it’s something we are going to go with called found camel and I’m pretty sure that’s what we are going to go with. It’s the same locking mechanism, goes through the backside here and around the tree which is really nice. And, yep Todd does a great job of selling our product and last year he did a really, really great job for our market so hopefully this year will be just as good for you guys.

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2 Comments on "Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 & HC600 Trail Cameras"

Re: Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 & HC600 Trail Cameras

Do you think these new trail cameras will be better than last years cameras

Posted by Brian Bruggink on 2/24/2010 10:11:03 PM

Re: Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 & HC600 Trail Cameras

I'm sure it will be. The guys at Reconyx always seem to be making improvements on their products

Posted by ben f on 4/29/2010 2:01:26 PM

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