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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 5108 views

Predator TrailCams Informer Series

The new Informer trail cameras from Predator Trailcams utilizes the new Dragon IR technology for a true IR flash range of 75 feet!

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What’s also new for 2010 is our Informer Series and our Informer series is our upper end products which retails at $499 with the Informer XP which extends for extended performance and our informer.  The really two differences between the two cameras is just the infrared distance at night; the Informer will get you about 50 feet with a true IR at night and the Informer XP will get you about 80 feet at night.  What’s really great about these cameras is that they also work off our dragon infrared technology, as you can see on the camera itself this only has ten dragons on it at all.  These equal about 80 to 90 traditional infrared that are used on all of our competitors cameras, we’re the only camera on the market right now that are using traditional infrared. What’s great about it is its more efficient, gets better battery life and it also allows you to use the camera in a true IR setting without the big red glow that you traditionally see.  As you can see the camera also has the 3 ½ color touch screen on the inside, now let’s you have the easy one touch setup as well, you can scroll through it and say you want one image every one minute you select that button the camera is automatically running for you, you come back, you wake it up and you can also select any video to play, zoom, pan, delete images. Everything can be managed right through the camera.  It’s also the only camera on the market that stores a USB thumb drive; you have images stored to an SD card as well.  If you have an SD card in there you can dump all your images from SD to USB from all your cameras and come home with one USB plug it into your computer. It still rocks the same case design as our Trail Eye series, guaranteed for life as well and that’s across the board.  All our cameras do video with sound and they all also use the true dragon infrared technology so that’s what’s new from the Predator guys 2010. 

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Re: Predator TrailCams Informer Series

Where on web can I go to get more information and sites where to purchase these Informer trail cams?

Posted by John Ehlen on 3/5/2010 1:42:35 PM

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