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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 5504 views

Pole Mountain Outdoors Hardcase B-2

If you're in the market for a hard bow case that's going to protect your gear no matter what - check out the Pole Mountain Outdoors Hardcase.  This thing is unbelievable!

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Pole Mountain Outdoors, we’re here at the 2010 ATA Show, we have a brand new product this year, it’s the Hardcase B-2; it’s a bow case and has a couple special features that nobody else has yet right now.  Number 1 the uh, the opening design it’s a top loaded bow case as opposed to the traditional clam shell design which adds to the structural integrity as well as the full wrap molding also adds to the strength; we have a tongue and groove that closes right here and makes it fully waterproof.  Also included are roller blade wheels on the back to make it easy to tug along with a tug handle or it’s got a heavy duty nylon carrying handle as well.  This case utilities the revolutionary new idea, it’s VCT Vertical Compression Technology. When the top closes down we use uh, closed cell foam to push down on the bow to compress them into place in the bow case. This eliminates the need for straps and makes it super easy to pull out and get ready to hunt. 

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Re: Pole Mountain Outdoors Hardcase B-2

i just ordered mine hope it gets here soon

Posted by terry on 3/5/2010 3:25:43 PM

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