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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 4219 views

Pine Ridge Pro-Bow Cam - Improved for 2010

The guys at Pine Ridge Archery have made some great improvements to their popular Pro-Bow-Cam camera mount for 2010.  Check them out!

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Hi, I’m Scott Bocktin with Pine Ridge Archery here at the ATA show for 2010. At the show, we’re showcasing our Pro-Bow Cam which we have had out in the past years but this year we made a few changes, kind of made it more new and improved. 

We raised the pan and tilt head on the camera four inches which gives you more clearance to move the camera. A lot of camera arms when you try to swing the camera your adjustment lever hits the arm; so we raised it up and gave you a little extra breathing room to move that camera. We also made an adjustment to the base on the camera; on our Pro-Bow cam the camera arm detaches from the base, on the base we made an adjustment so you can raise and kind of level the base so you’re not having to shim it or anything like that, it just improves the quality of your footage and could make the hunt more enjoyable.

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