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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 4729 views

Pine Ridge Ground Blind Camera Arm

Filming your own hunts continues to become more popular each year, and with that in mind Pine Ridge Archery debuts their new ground blind camera mount.  This unique mount bolts onto the hub system of nearly any ground blind and allows you to film your own hunts, or others hunts, without the need for a tripod which is bulky and can take up valuable space inside your blind.

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Hi, I’m Jim Broberg from Pine Ridge Archery Products. We’re here at the ATA show with Bowhunting.com and we are going to show you what’s new.

 This is our new Ground Blind Camera Arm, now it mounts right on the hub of your ground blind and it allows you to be able to film your own hunt unlike with a tripod, it would take up a lot of room down by your feet and it gets in the way. With the Ground Blind Camera Arm you can swing from left to right, it is completely adjustable, if you are on a hill you can adjust here and it has some slots where you can adjust the base and its just gonna open up the door for filming on ground blinds whether you’re by yourself or with another guy so that’s our new product for the year.

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